14 September 2010 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Building Armies of Buildings

A Warhammer: Invasion Card of the Week


Tzeentch is the Changer of Ways, and he is flux embodied. He has a masterly comprehension of magic, but also destiny, intrigue, and subterfuge. As change is inherent in the essence of Chaos itself, Tzeentch has a strong claim to ultimate power over all who worship Chaos. For without transformation, a warrior cannot ascend to greatness, the gods cannot bestow their gifts, and the living cannot die. The powers of Tzeentch extend beyond the living as well, for the Changer of Ways can even transform rock into flesh.

As we approach the release of Redemption of a Mage, the fourth Battle Pack in The Enemy Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion the Card Game, let’s take a moment to recap the cards we’ve already previewed. For the High Elves, Courage of Aenarion lets you restore all of your corrupted for only one resource. Meanwhile, fans of the Empire will soon see the strength of Knight decks, with Higher Ground and Knights Panther. Finally, last week’s preview brought us Githit Froatcutta, a Goblin Hero with a nasty case of bloodlust.

This week, we’ll continue of tour of this exciting pack by turning our attention toward the forces of Chaos. Stone to Skin is a low-cost tactic that lets you transform a target building into a unit for one turn! Like Bolt of Change, this tactic allows you to raise a “meat shield” when you need it most.

The possibilities here are vast. As mentioned above, when you need a quick unit for defensive purposes, Stone to Skin provides one with a whopping four hit points. On the other hand, you could always target an opponent’s building as well, and when coupled with a “sniping” card like Flames of Tzeentch or Cloying Quagmire, Stone to Skin provides Chaos with a handy way to dispose of pesky enemy buildings.

Join us next week for another Warhammer: Invasion Card of the Week!

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