The Pass is Open

Journey to Black Fire Pass, a WFRP adventure, is available for download


Gunnar Thundrik could feel unkind eyes on him, watching his company’s every move. But he told himself to press on, letting the famous stubbornness of dwarfs renounce his misgivings. He had to find Belkrum, and he would not rest until his brother’s secret was safe in his own hands. Together with his dwarf companions, he ventured further into the gloom of Black Fire Pass, heedless of the goblin rider that watched from above.

This summer, Fantasy Flight Games introduced new and veteran players of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to the dangers of Black Fire Pass. If you weren't able to attend this exciting event, lay down your grudge! Journey to Black Fire Pass (pdf, 6.8 MB) is now available for download on our support page. The career sheets for the Dwarfs used in this adventure, featuring the new Dwarf career, Miner, can also be found on the support page.

Old grudges emerge in the light of new discoveries surrounding the dark region of Black Fire Pass. A small company of dwarfs sets out from Karak Azgaraz to ensure the delivery of a powerful boon to the High King. But as they march into enemy territory, their journey will not be easy.

Head over to our support page and download this perilous adventure today!

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