New Heroes Heed the Call

A look at several new careers in Signs of Faith


The upcoming Signs of Faith supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is full of a lot of great content for players and GMs alike – new rules for divine characters, details on religion in the Empire, insights into Nurgle’s foul schemes, and rules for deadly diseases. Among the new content is a host of new careers to add even more diversity and options to your game.

This designer diary takes a closer look at three of the new careers, which all feature stunning paintover art by Mike Nash. Signs of Faith introduces a wide variety of different careers, including some careers with novel skill or ability combinations representing their unique roles within the setting.

Prophet of DoomThe Prophet of Doom

Wandering flagellants are not an uncommon sight in the Empire. They journey from settlement to settlement spreading their crazed predictions of imminent and violent apocalypse. Sometimes they roam in motley bands of desperate zealots and madmen who make common cause only in a shared belief in the coming of the end times.

Those who have survived for some time as a flagellant are sometimes called prophets of doom. Their paranoid conviction in the end of the world often leads them to study gloomy interpretations of sacred texts, and they become practised in ranting loudly and at length about their apocalyptic convictions.

Amongst these veteran flagellants it is customary to show their devotion to the gods by voluntarily undergoing all manner of hardships. Flagellants are named after their habit of scourging themselves, but the prophets of doom often employ even more extreme self mutilations. Some of them even inflict crippling injuries upon themselves, or truss their limbs up in chains or cages in order to demonstrate their devotion.

It takes huge resilience to survive for any length of time as a flagellant, and the prophets of doom are a hardy folk. Not only have they prevailed against the beasts and enemies they have encountered during their wanderings, but they have also survived the tortures and austerities they have inflicted upon themselves in the process.

A character must have completed the flagellant career before moving on to becoming a prophet of doom.

The prophet of doom continues the path of the zealot and flagellant, bringing insanity to the battlefields of the Empire. With two insanity sockets on its career sheet, the prophet of doom can use his career ability to devastating effect: he can exhaust socketed insanity cards to add the card’s severity rating to his melee attack damage!

InvestigatorThe Investigator

In the towns of the Empire, the watch defend the streets, responding to threats when they are alerted to them or confronting criminals on patrol. Few watch forces are trained or equipped to carefully investigate crimes after they have occurred, and they haven’t the time or expertise to infiltrate gangs or piece together complex clues to unravel their secrets.

Investigation as an occupation is a fairly recent occurrence in the Empire. However, today a small but growing number of mercenary investigators work throughout the Empire in order to look into unsolved crimes or suspicious activity. They tend to be more discriminating and meticulous than bounty hunters. The best of them, such as the Marienburger Sam Warble, can command large fees for their services. These investigators excel at quiet deduction, able to gather important clues or testimony from interviews.

Once they have discovered enough evidence to make a clear case, they report back to their paymasters with the information they have gathered. Some of the larger watch forces have paid investigators on their tomes. The Altdorf watch keeps in contact with a few sleuths (often off the record). These extra set of eyes and ears have a noted track record in breaking up dockhand smuggling guilds and tracking down pattern murderers.

Not all investigators are mercenaries, though most are. The Cult of Verena’s Order of Mysteries often sponsors its own cultists as investigators. They track lost libers and tomes of knowledge and examine the incalculable miscarriages of justice in the Empire.

The investigator is a balanced advanced career with a lot of great skills. He’s the first “legitimate” career with access to both Skulduggery and Stealth – using those skills to track down criminals, investigate crime scenes, and crack cases.

The Mystic

MysticMany people in the Empire are superstitious and fatalistic, believing the future to be already determined by the will of the gods. Some seek easy answers to explain their purpose, and a gifted mystic can easily make a living catering to their hopes and fears.

Mystics tread a fine line. Some rashly claim to have a personal relationship with the gods, and if they aren’t careful, those with a real knack for the art may be seen as witches. Many have been burned at the stake over the years having been declared heretics. Some mystics insist that they are able to read the future through studying the casting of runes, the turning of cards, or the appearance of an animal’s spilt guts.

These fortune tellers insist that they take an academic approach to their work, though most are simple entertainers who are better at reading people than the future. They are nevertheless perceptive and intuitive, able to quickly gauge their patrons’ feelings, fears, and desires. A few mystics may be genuinely touched with a gift for premonition. Such sensitive people may be the recipients of disturbing dreams, or are perhaps able to perceive shifts in the Winds of Magic in an unusual manner.

Elves are less credulous than humans, and more at home with the existence of magic. They still take premonitions and oracles seriously, however, so there is sometimes a place in their society for a true mystic, though they won’t tolerate charlatans for long.

The mystic is the first career to have a skill choice when first starting out in that career. When becoming a mystic, the player chooses either Charm or Guile. The chosen skill becomes a career skill; the other skill remains a non-career skill. Also, the Mystic (and its advanced version, Seer) is the first non-wizard career to have Magical Sight as a career skill.

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