The Winds of Magic are Online

The Winds of Magic, a supplement for WFRP, is now available for download


Winds of Magic and Liber Mutatis, the books included in The Winds of Magic supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, are now available for purchase via download at and (click either book's image above for a direct link)! While these downloads do not include the cards and tokens that come in the full box set, they can serve as valuable electronic references for players and GMs alike.

Magic pervades the Old World, coursing through the Eight Winds. Humans that learn to harness the energy found in the Winds of Magic can become powerful wizards. Or they may succumb to Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, tempted by his offer of power, knowledge, and mastery of the dark arts.

The Winds of Magic is a valuable resource for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It provides all players with important background and setting information on the Colleges of Magic, some expanded optional rules and additional tools for wizards to practice their art, and more suggestions and guidance for playing wizard characters.

For the GM, The Winds of Magic also introduces the Ruinous Power Tzeentch, his daemonic minions, and insights into the Great Conspirator’s fiendish schemes. New rules for corruption and mutation expose the characters to greater risks over the course of their adventures. Finally, The Winds of Magic includes a complete adventure for GMs to challenge their players with a dangerous plot unfolding in the heart of the Empire.

Winds of change are coming. Will you control them – or will they control you? Head over to or and download your copies today!

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