Cold-Blooded Killers

A look at Lizardmen in the upcoming March of the Damned expansion


Deep within the hellish and steaming jungles of Lustria, amid ancient trees and cloying swamps, the age-old civilisation of the Lizardmen has stood since long before the rise of Elves, Dwarfs, or Men. Savage warriors, the Lizardmen are vigilant in the defense of their ways. These children of the Old One creators fight to restore order to the world, but their enigmatic motivations make them uncertain and often dangerous allies.

Welcome to another card of the week preview for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game! The Fall of Karak Grimaz will be on shelves soon, but rather than turn our attention to The Silent Forge (the next Battle Pack in The Enemy Cycle), let’s take another look at the upcoming deluxe expansion March of the Damned. Last month, we saw the awesome power of the Wight Lord, a Vampire Count unit that can wreak havoc every time it enters play (which, with some creative use of Necromancy, can be often). This time, we’ll take a look at the elusive Lizardmen, and we’ll see the potential devastation of their Savage keyword.

The rules state that “Savage X” allows a unit, when it is dealt 1 or more damage, to deal X damage to one target unit in any corresponding zone. It is important to note that the unit with the Savage keyword must survive the damage it was dealt in order for the Savage keyword to trigger.

From a strategic standpoint, it’s also important to note a few other points: First, Savage does not require the unit in question to take that damage in combat ; the damage can be dealt for any number of reasons. Second, the unit with Savage can still be quite dangerous when corrupted. All of this adds up to some exciting deckbuilding opportunities. How, for example, might you control incoming damage (or even damage your own Savage units) in order to use your Lizardmen to “bounce” punishment back at your enemies?

There are more than a few ways. The Empire’s Warrior Priests can send deflected damage to their own scaly comrades, while The High Elves’ Loremaster of Hoeth could trigger Savage just by entering play and the support card Ancient Waystone could potentially let you pull off a Savage combo every time a spell card is played! The list goes on... consider the synergy between the Savage keyword and Blessing of Valaya or Surprise Assault, just to name two more.

This brings us to our double-feature preview of March of the Damned. The formidable Carnosaur Rider stands ready to deal three points of damage if anyone so much as tickles him, and the zealous Temple Guard can ensure that any incoming damage is redirected toward the Carnosaur Rider!

The best part, perhaps, is that neither unit has to be involved in combat (or even in the Battlefield at all) for this combo to be effective. You just need a target (some third party unit) from which you can redirect incoming damage, and a resource token. Then you can make your opponent think twice about every point of damage he inflicts.

In short, the Lizardmen are able to deal out massive injury to all who stand against them. They just need a bit of “persuasion” first. Join us next week for another Warhammer: Invasion card preview!

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