Two Sides of a Coin

A Warhammer: Invasion Card of the Week


Welcome to another card of the week for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game! The release of The Burning of Derricksburg in a couple of short weeks brings three important beginnings for Warhammer: Invasion. It means the start of a new cycle, the beginning of James Hata’s design direction, and the adoption of an exciting new collation format!

Having missed the last two weeks, we’ve got some catching up to do as we preview The Burning of Derricksburg. This week will therefore be a sort of double feature, with two opposed neutral cards: one for order and one for destruction. The Enemy Cycle is all about the seething animosity between sworn foes, and perhaps no two cards exemplify this theme better than Order in Chaos and Entropy.

Both are tactics that cost only one resource, but while Order in Chaos can restore lost cards, Entropy will rob its victim of upcoming opportunities.

Let’s look at some specific applications. Order in Chaos is handy if to use on yourself if you’ve recently lost especially valuable cards due to an effect such as Scout... or to get a second chance to use that powerful tactic or unit. Coupled with a tactic that lets you draw a card, such as Second Sight, you can also achieve an effective level of control over your own deck.

You could even conceivably use it offensively by targeting your opponent, if you thought that the cards you place on top of his deck would be burdensome to him (perhaps because they are high cost, or irrelevant to his strategy). In this way, you could cause your opponent to waste a draw on cards he doesn’t want.

On the other side of the coin is Entropy. One clear choice would be to play it in direct response to Order in Chaos, rendering that tactic useless. Another might be its use in a deck designed to deplete your opponent’s cards altogether.

Check back next week for another card spotlight, and watch your local retailer’s shelves for The Burning of Derricksburg!

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