Into Hostile Territory

Announcing Journey to Black Fire Pass, a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Event


Gunnar Thundrik could feel unkind eyes on him, watching his company’s every move. But he told himself to press on, letting the famous stubbornness of dwarfs renounce his misgivings. He had to find Belkrum, and he would not rest until his brother’s secret was safe in his own hands. Together with his dwarf companions, he ventured further into the gloom of Black Fire Pass, heedless of the goblin rider that watched from above.

This summer, Fantasy Flight Games would like to invite you to embark on a grim and perilous adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Old grudges emerge in the light of new discoveries surrounding the dark region of Black Fire Pass. A small company of dwarfs sets out from Karak Azgaraz to ensure the delivery of a powerful boon to the High King. But as they march into enemy territory, their journey will not be easy.

Journey to Black Fire Pass is an upcoming event for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to be held at participating retailers across the country. Featuring an all-new introductory adventure, this event will introduce players to this revolutionary roleplaying system as well as provide a glimpse of things to go come for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Similar to the Emperor’s Decree event last year, Game Masters will have access to a copy of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set in addition to the Journey to Black Fire Pass adventure booklet. Four pre-generated characters will be provided in order to get players right into the story. Included in the event kit are career sheets featuring dwarf art for each character, as well as an all-new career from an upcoming product!

Are you a player wanting to participate in Journey to Black Fire Pass? Inquire about it at your friendly local game store! Have your local game store learn more about this exciting event here and encourage them to sign up as one of our participating retailers. Hurry, the deadline to sign up is June 25th!

As an added incentive, participating retailers will have a chance to be featured on our website! Simply photograph your event and provide a brief write up about your experience, highlights, or a play session report. The top three submissions will be featured on our website and given a custom-made banner for their store, courtesy of Fantasy Flight Games!

For more information, check out the Journey to Black Fire Pass site!

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