A Howl From the Wilderness

A Warhammer: Invasion card of the week


The raucous and bloodthirsty braying of the Gors is enough to fill the hearts of their enemies with dread. But even though the cacophony made by a horde of Gors seems like chaotic noise, to consider it a mere battle cry would be a fatal mistake. Gors are not without a crude sense of tactics, and will often use these blood-curdling howls to summon distant allies. Indeed, travelers who hear the braying of Gors would be wise to make haste toward the nearest friendly fortification.       - an excerpt from “On the Beasts of the Wilderness” by Heinrich Lutzvig

Welcome to another card of the week for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game! It’s an exciting time for Warhammer: Invasion, since The Enemy Cycle is almost upon us. With the release of The Burning of Derricksburg next month, both James Hata’s design direction and the exciting new collation format begin.

Last week we saw the power of the Empire’s Gryphon Legionnaires, with their ability to enter play at any time for a well-placed Counterstrike. Today, we’ll turn our attention to the forces of Chaos... specifically, the mighty and fearsome beast men called Gors.

Braying Gor is a versatile low-cost unit that, text effect aside, offers a respectable single power icon for its cost of two resources. But when resources are tight, it can also be corrupted to help bring other units into play.

At first glance, this might seem like too high a cost to pay. After all, you can only restore one unit at the start of your turn... and if you corrupt too many of your own units, you may find yourself digging your way out of a hole for most of the game. What if, for example, you corrupted all three Braying Gors at once? You’d get a handy discount, sure, but then your Braying Gors would be useless until you could restore them, right?

Not exactly. Corruption only prevents attacking and defending; there’s plenty a unit can do for you while it’s in a corrupted state. Even if corrupted, its power icon can still count for collecting resources and cards in your kingdom or quest zones... and it can be sacrificed (while corrupted) to power any number of cards, including Brutal Offering, Great Unclean One, and Offering of Blood, just to name a few.

In short, don’t fear corruption, embrace it! Its real cost might be lower than you think. Join us next week for another Warhammer: Invasion card spotlight, and look for The Burning of Derricksburg on store shelves next month!

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