A Small But Vicious App

The WFRP Toolkit is now available on the iTunes App Store


Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce an exciting new product available at the iTunes App Store! With the WFRP Toolkit, you’ll always carry a full set of dice for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay in your pocket.

At the core of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is its innovative dice system, which provides an unparalleled number of story-telling options. Every roll of the dice has a story to tell, providing far more information and flavour than mere hits and misses. With each roll, players are able to see how the check succeeded or failed. Did they make it through based on their natural skills... or did fickle fortune smile upon them?

With the WFRP Toolkit on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you can have the convenience of a full set of WFRP dice at your fingertips. Its intuitive design ensures a seamless fit into your WFRP sessions; simply tap the dice you need, then shake your device to roll them!

If you’re looking for a deeper analysis of your rolls, the WFRP Toolkit delivers. Your results can be saved for future reference, letting you revisit your most spectacular success and failures as you recall your perilous adventures later on. Have you ever felt like the dice hate you, and you can’t catch a break? Now you’ll have the facts to back up your claims; the WFRP Toolkit can compile extensive reports of your dice rolls, offering detailed statistical analyses.

Head to the iTunes Store and download the WFRP Toolkit today!

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