Mounted Fury

A Warhammer: Invasion Card of the Week


Welcome to another Warhammer: Invasion card of the week spotlight! With last week’s release of Arcane Fire, The Corruption Cycle is at an end, and it’s time to set our sights on the next series of Battle Packs coming your way, The Enemy Cycle.

It’s important to remember that this new series brings with it two noteworthy changes. First, Battle Packs in The Enemy Cycle will come in the new format announced in December, meaning that you can expect to receive three copies of every card (for a total of 60 cards per pack) in one purchase.

Second, a new designer has taken the reins, and The Burning of Derricksburg (the first Battle Pack in The Enemy Cycle) is his first release for the game. For more on James Hata’s background, as well as his plans for Warhammer: Invasion, check out the article New Leaders and Ancient Enemies.

Moving on, The Burning of Derricksburg will be on shelves before long, and with it comes a number of new tricks for players of all factions. Back in February, we discussed the potentially devastating effects of the Empire tactic Ulric’s Fury, which gives an unwary attacker an unexpected dose of Counterstrike. In that same vein, this week’s card spotlight will give an attacker more than he bargained for.

Like Nordland Halberdiers, the Gryphon Legionnaire can be put into play during any action window. Unlike Nordland Halberdiers, however, it packs a surprise punch. Play it during the action window after attackers are declared, and potentially shut down the battle before it even begins.

There are a few points to keep in mind regarding Counterstrike, however. First, one unit can only target one other unit, so don’t expect a single Gryphon Legionnaire to take out two Spider Riders. Second, the damage it deals is uncancellable, so don’t be afraid to target units with toughness (or other damage-cancelling effects, like the Sword Masters of Hoeth). In that respect, Counterstrike is often more reliable than old fashioned combat damage (and without saying too much, a deck built around this versatile effect could become a reality sooner than you think).

Join us next week for another Warhammer: Invasion card spotlight!

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