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Announcing Dice from Fantasy Flight Supply


Our card sleeves and gaming tokens have been very popular since their debut, so now we’re pleased to announce that the Fantasy Flight Supply line is growing yet again! Fantasy Flight Supply Dice come in four different colors and configurations, so you can pick up the pack that works best for you.

Our Wargame Dice Pack includes twelve six-sided dice, six in black and four in red, and is perfect if you need extra components for Tide of Iron and other popular wargames. Our green six-sided and black ten-sided dice are made of attractive marbled plastic, and each come in packs of six.

Finally, our Fantasy Dice Pack contains a variety of dice in an attractive marble blue color. With this pack, you’ll receive a six dice total: a four-sided, a six-sided, an eight-sided, a ten-sided, a twelve-sided, and a twenty-sided.

Keep watching at your local retailer; this summer, Fantasy Flight Supply Dice will roll onto store shelves!

Fantasy Flight Supply is a complete line of board game accessories to protect and customize your games.

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