13 May 2010 | Living Card Games

A League of Extraordinary Players

Join the Living Card Game Leagues at Gen Con Indy 2010

In addition to our fully-packed slate of scheduled events and tournaments happening at Gen Con Indy 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana, August 5th - 8th, Fantasy Flight Games will also be running a casual, weekend-long league for each of our Living Card Games®.

In each league, you will be given a participation ribbon, a set of tokens, and a Gen Con-exclusive Achievements booklet, full of fun in-game objectives that, when accomplished, will score you league points. The achievements range from the easy - so new players can get comfortable playing - to the nearly impossible, which the lucky and the skillful will have to strive hard to complete.

Fearsome VisageWin a Terror struggleUndefeatedWin a game without losing a single challenge

There are also lots of achievements focused on diversity and getting players to step out of their comfort zone and play outside of their favorite factions or Houses. There will also be Gen Con-specific achievements.

Master of High ElvesWin a game with a High Elf Capital Board

League points scored through the accomplishment of achievements, plus wins and losses, will put you in the running for prizes and awards that will be given out at 12:00PM Sunday, August 8th. Orientation for the Gen Con leagues starts at 2:00PM Thursday, August 5th, and all LCG® players are invited to participate. All LCG® players are also encouraged to participate in multiple leagues, if so inclined. Spend your weekend playing your favorite Living Card Game(s)® casually through the Gen Con Indy leagues. For more information on all of our Living Card Game® events at Gen Con, and to sign up for the LCG® leagues, follow the links below. Good luck and we'll see you at Gen Con!A Game of ThronesThe War for the Iron Throne Comes to IndianapolisCall of CthulhuThe Gates Are Open and Cthulhu is Coming to IndianapolisWarhammer: Invasion Order and Destruction Meet at Indy

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