16 August 2013 | Living Card Games

Better Support for Your Favorite LCG

Fantasy Flight Games Announces the Acquisition of Card Game DB

At Fantasy Flight Games, we’ve been hard at work to improve our web experience. You may have noticed that we recently renovated our forums, significantly enhancing their performance. We’ve also been working to implement other tools and functionality that will make our website an even better resource for all of our players and fans, and it is this focus on improving our user experience that has led to our recent acquisition of the website, Card Game DB.

A Move to Continue Recent Growth

Over the past several years, the Fantasy Flight Games catalog of Living Card Games® has enjoyed record growth. In order to better foster our growing LCG audience, we recently performed a close examination of our support for the category and your needs. The result of our inquiry? We realized we needed to add greater functionality to our website to better unite, strengthen, and serve the LCG community.

Why Card Game DB?

We gave a good deal of thought to the various functions we wanted to add to our website: searchable card databases, a deckbuilder, dedicated forums, and a convenient player locator. The more we thought about what we wanted to offer on our site, the more we realized that we could already find those tools on Card Game DB, along with a large and vibrant community.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we entered into conversation with Drew Dallas, the founder of Card Game DB, and acquired the site. We are excited about this acquisition and what it means for the future of Fantasy Flight Games, Card Game DB, and LCG fans everywhere.

What Does This Mean for Card Game DB Users?

Card Game DB users can expect to continue enjoying all of the site’s features. Your overall Card Game DB experience will remain unchanged. You will still be able to access Card Game DB directly, and you’ll retain all the decks, articles, and other information associated with your account.

Furthermore, Drew has agreed to remain with Card Game DB and will continue to administer member contributions. The site will continue to be a quality resource for game-specific articles, tournament reports, videos, podcasts, forums, and other materials.

What Can We Expect for the Future?

Our eventual goals are to build upon the resources available through Card Game DB and integrate them more fully into our website. This process will take time, and you can look for more details later.

In the long run, we believe this move will better support player needs and desires. Furthermore, by consolidating the tools and community from Card Game DB into our website, thereby housing a wealth of useful resources under the same roof as our official announcements, we hope to further strengthen and energize our LCG audience.

A Few Words from Drew Dallas

“I am extremely happy to have this opportunity to help Fantasy Flight Games take their support for their Living Card Game communities to a new level.

“CardGameDB has been a labor of love since I founded it three years ago. It owes much of its success to the passionate community which has supported it since the beginning. Whether you’ve come to CardGameDB for the deck builders, spoilers, articles, podcasts, or any of the other features that have been added over the years, it has been great to see how the site has been used and to witness what everyone has been willing to do to enhance these games we love.

“We have now entered into an exciting time, because with FFG’s support, we have the ability to expand and enhance everyone’s experience even further than before. Initially, nothing on CardGameDB will be changing. You will still have the same community, utilities, and informative articles. However, FFG and I have been hard at work mapping out future improvements, enhanced utilities, and plans for integration of CardGameDB and the FFG website.

“I look forward to what FFG and I will be able to accomplish for each of the Living Card Game communities and to providing everyone with the utilities and content you need to build even more awesome decks!”

The Future Is Bright

While 2012 was a record year for participation in all of our LCGs, we’re currently on pace to break all those records in 2013. We enjoyed a phenomenal Regional Championship tournament season, registration for our LCG events at Gen Con Indy 2013 shattered all previous records, and we have already received word that our second annual World Championship Weekend will feature a larger, more truly international audience than the first!

All of this growth, paired with the improved web experience the acquisition of Card Game DB will provide, means that there’s never been a more exciting time to join the LCG community.

Welcome aboard!

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