Packing Heat

A Warhammer: Invasion card of the week


Brave, reckless, our just plain foolish, the crewmen who operate the fearsome Helblaster Volley Guns of the Empire have devoted their careers to mastering a notoriously unstable weapon of awesome destructive power. Within minutes of arriving at their assigned post on the battlefield, this skilled crew is able to unleash a barrage of firepower that can utterly decimate opposing armies.

Arcane Fire, the final Battle Pack in the The Corruption Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is almost on store shelves. So far from this expansion, we’ve seen the High Elf tactic Charge of the Silver Helms, the Skaven support card Greyseer’s Lair, and the Epic Spells of both the Dwarfs and Chaos. Today we’ll take a look at two Empire cards making their way to tabletops later this week.

Last month, The Warpstone Chronicles brought you the formidable Helblaster Volley Gun. Now, Arcane Fire brings you its crew. Helblaster Crew is a four-cost unit that lets you move an attachment within the same zone.

This can be helpful in moving a hex like Mind Killer or Word of Pain onto one of your less significant units, or in making sure that your opponent’s powerful relic (such as the Hydra Blade or Great Book of Grudges) finds its way into the hands of a sub-optimal unit.

Also coming your way in Arcane Fire is the quest card Protect the Empire. Although it has one effect in common with the High Elf quest Defend Tor Aendris, it’s free to play (unlike that card). Almost like a handy attachment that can never be taken away, it’ll stay in your quest zone for good, making whichever unit you decide to play on it extremely versatile. And versatility, after all, is the Empire’s greatest strength.

Check back next time for another Warhammer: Invasion card of the week!

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