Leading the Charge

A look at Arcane Fire, the upcoming Battle Pack for Warhammer: Invasion


Adorned in shining ilthilmar helmets that proclaim their noble deeds to all who look upon them, the Silver Helm Knights of the High Elves are heavily armored and highly trained. Their prowess on the battlefield is surpassed only by their contempt for their enemies, and the site of their mounted ranks charging into battle is like a great glittering wave of fury, as beautiful as it is terrifying.

Welcome back to another card of the week spotlight for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game! The Corruption Cycle, the first linked series of Battle Packs, is almost at an end; we have just one more release. Arcane Fire, which will hit store shelves within the next few weeks, offers plenty of impressive additions to your deck (including powerful tactics called Epic Spells, but more on that in a future preview). Today, we’ll look at one such addition, the High Elf tactic Charge of the Silver Helms.

Here’s a simple rule that bears repeating: when a tactic like this (anything that bolsters power) is used during combat, let your opponent commit his forces before you use it, whenever possible. When attacking, for example, you have an action window between your opponent’s declaration of defenders and the apply damage step. In short, don’t tip your hand too early. Catch him off guard by playing Charge of the Silver Helms after it’s too late for him to adequately defend against it.

Of course, you can also use them on a unit in your quest zone (provided it won’t be killed by the hit point loss) to get a quick boost to your draw, should you need it.

And with the High Elves, there’s rarely a reason to worry about that -1 hit point effect. Sword Masters of Hoeth is a great target for such a card, since the hit point loss will likely be moot... but then there’s Dragon Mage Wakening, an attachment that more than makes up for the loss. What’s important is that Charge of the Silver Helms offers plenty of power for rather little cost, and that’s always a smart card to have in your deck.

Join us next week for another look at Arcane Fire!

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