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The Game Master Toolkit for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is now on sale



The Game Master’s Toolkit for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore!

A valuable resource for both new and veteran Game Masters, the toolkit is filled with a number of helpful tools and adventure seeds for Game Masters to enhance their Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay games, as well as provides more advice and suggestions to help refine their GM skills.

The Game Master’s Toolkit includes punchboard with more NPC and creature standups and tokens, new location and item cards, and introduces organisation sheets to integrate into your game. The toolkit also includes a sturdy, full colour, double-sided GM screen, and a full colour 48-page book.

Head to your friendly local retailer and pick up your copy of this valuable resource!

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a roleplaying game that sets unlikely heroes on the road to perilous adventure, in the grim setting of Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy world. Players will venture into the dark corners of the Empire, guided by luck and Fate, and challenge the threats that others cannot or will not face.

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