29 December 2010 | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Weave Tales of Grim Peril

An Overview of the Game Master's Guide and Vault for WFRP


The Great Twin-Tailed Comet, a portent tied to both Sigmar and the Empire, has been seen in the sky. To some, it is a sign of hope. To others, the harbinger of doom. Tensions rise, as the effects of a ruthless winter and poor harvest are felt across the Empire. In the midst of this bleak, brewing turmoil, the adventurers are beacons of hope. But what perilous obstacles await Fate’s champions in this, The Empire’s time of greatest need?

Both a partner and a guide, the Game Master is the anchor of the storytelling experience, and is responsible for providing conflict, maintaining pace, and managing a score of other considerations. With so many storytelling factors, a Game Master needs a solid foundation of intuitive components and convenient reference materials, ensuring that he and his players can always find what they need to keep the adventure moving and the action tense.

Last week, we announced the release of the Game Master’s Guide and Game Master’s Vault, but for those still uncertain how these versatile new tools can improve their Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay experience, we’re pleased to present a brief overview of their contents. Guides are hard-cover books that contain the core rules of play, while Vaults contain all the innovative components that make Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay such a revolutionary system. Although the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set remains the single most comprehensive entry point for new players and GMs, our new Guides and Vaults provide the opportunity to own only the content you want, customizing your collection based on your group’s specific needs!

For more guidance on how to begin, see our "getting started" guide, or read New Options for the Old World, an article spotlighting the all six Guides and Vaults. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the Game Master’s Guide and Game Master’s Vault.

The Game Master’s Guide is an exceptional tome for your group’s Game Master. Armed with the rules and information found within this hardcover book, you’ll be ready to craft plenty of memorable stories and perilous encounters! In addition to compiling all the key GM information found in the popular Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set, this book also contains the rules for corruption and mutation from the Winds of Magic, and the rules for disease from Signs of Faith. Along with a handy resource of important game rules and effects—such as critical wounds, insanity, and spell miscast results—this sourcebook is full of guidelines and support for managing long-term campaigns and character development, as well as the rules needed to manage enemies and adversaries effectively and develop engaging encounters.

In the past, we’ve presented these excerpts from the Game Master’s Guide: the Index (pdf, 11.7 MB) and a partial appendix (pdf, 19.7 MB). Today, we’re pleased to showcase one more excerpt, the Rules for Corruption (pdf, 1.4 MB).

As for the GM’s components, the Game Master’s Vault is useful for new GMs as well as those who would like to expand their pool of WFRP components. It includes complete decks of critical wound, insanity, and miscast cards, as well as location and status condition cards and an extra set of basic actions for the GM. The Game Master’s Vault also includes punchboard tokens, stance pieces, standups, and plastics stands – tools that help the GM bring encounters to life for his players – as well as a set of 12 custom Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay dice! Check out this excerpt from the Game Master’s Vault insert (pdf 3.8 MB), which presents a detailed list of its contents!

Grab your copies of the Game Master’s Guide and Game Master’s Vault today from your local retailer or our webstore and begin crafting your own adventures in the Old World!

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