28 December 2010 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Blazing Knights

A deck list for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game


With The Enemy Cycle at an end and The Morrslieb Cycle beginning next month, it’s a great time to take a break from weekly card spoilers to look at the bigger picture: decks. Today, James Hata agreed to share one of his favorite builds.

Hello Warhammer: Invasion fans!

Today, I am happy to share with you one of my favorite decks - The Empire Knight/Bright Wizard deck. Before I get into specifics, here is the decklist.

Units: 27 3x Knight’s Panther (Enemy Cycle 64) 3x Knights of the Blazing Sun (Enemy Cycle 3) 3x Bright Wizard Acolyte (Enemy Cycle 83) 2x Warriors of Ulric (Enemy Cycle 106) 3x Rodrik’s Raiders (March of the Damned 7) 3x Gryphon Legionnaire (Enemy Cycle 4) 2x Nuln Tinkerers (Core Set 29) 2x Wilhelm of the Osterknacht (Enemy Cycle 25) 3x Black Knights of Morr (Enemy Cycle 43) 3x Friedrich Hemmler (Enemy Cycle 63)

Supports: 15 3x Contested Village (Core Set 111) 3x Higher Ground (Enemy Cycle 65) 3x Church of Sigmar (Core Set 39) 3x Temple of Verena (Enemy Cycle 44) 3x Derricksburg Forge (Enemy Cycle 5)

Tactics: 13 3x Innovation (Core Set 119) 3x Douse the Flames (Enemy Cycle 84) 2x Iron Discipline (Corruption Cycle 45) 3x Called Back (Enemy Cycle 26) 2x Tactical Misdirection (Enemy Cycle 66)

Total Cards: 55

The primary purpose of this deck is to utilize Knights to provide “burst damage” and to use card effects to tear down opponents’ defenses. Higher Ground is a key support that bolsters each of your Knight units that enter your battlefield while the Knights Panther can quickly become a threatening unit with a little resource investment. The Black Knights of Morr and Wilhelm of the Osterknacht provide ways around potential defenders by either preventing them from defending entirely or moving them to another zone. Of course, if Wilhelm or some of the other Knights aren’t around, Friedrich Hemmler and the Bright Wizard Acolyte are also available to provide a powerful punch to the opponent.

The secondary purpose of this deck is to have an answer to most threats that an opponent can throw at you. Church of Sigmar and Iron Discipline provide protection to your units against targeted effects. The Gryphon Legionnarie and Called Back provide surprise defense against attackers, while Tactical Misdirection and Warriors of Ulric give the ability to defend multiple zones at the same time. The Temple of Verena allows you to keep your resources between turns so that you can fuel these card effects more easily. Rodrik’s Raiders is a strong tool to remove opponent’s essential supports, and Douse the Flames is a great way to move damage from your Bright Wizard Acolyte to an opponent’s unit.

As with all of my decklists, please feel free to use this deck as a foundation for your own, or to build it as is and try it out against your friends. How might you modify these ideas? Discuss by adding a comment below!

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