17 December 2010 | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Sung in a Pitch as Dark as Night

Announcing The Witch's Song, an adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


At the far end of the Empire lies an inconsequential fishing village where a series of not-so-inconsequential events are about to take place. Surrounded by the Cursed Marshes, the village of Fauligmere is about to become the unlikely stage for an adventure of unbridled sorcery where nothing is as it seems...

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of The Witch’s Song, the latest adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay! A haunting melody lingers upon the foul mists that swirl along the outskirts of Fauligmere, creating an unnatural tension among the town’s inhabitants. Some say it is the voice of the witch that haunts the Cursed Marshes. Others say it is something even more terrible. Brave heroes are needed to investigate the strange omens that burden this god-forsaken town.

The Witch’s Song features a mysterious new adventure that sends players to the fishing village of Fauligmere, not far from the city of Marienburg. Legends of a witch suggest that the unfortunate events plaguing Faulgimere are something more than a run of bad luck. Someone (or something) sinister is surely responsible. Players are pit against nobles of questionable intent, a mystery shrouded in speculations, and a group of fanatics that are quick to answer any cry of witchcraft.

This boxed adventure comes with many tools for GMs and players alike, including a full colour book containing the adventure, as well as all the reference sheets, tokens, and cards the GM needs to bring the story to life. For players, The Witch’s Song also includes new rules, spells, and options for hedge magic and witch characters.

Developer Dan Clark took the time to share a brief introduction to the town of Fauligmere:

Welcome to Fauligmere

It’s easy for the city-dwellers of the Empire, residents of the grand metropolises of Altdorf and Nuln, to forget the plight of the rural villages. It’s easy to take the wealth of the cities for granted, to rest comfortably behind the high walls and disciplined soldiers of Talabheim, or to worry more about pick-pockets than beastmen. A man can live and die in Altdorf and never see a forest, or a swamp; never be alone in the wilds at night wondering what that noise was.

But there is much more to the Empire than its cities. The forests, plains, rivers, and hills are dotted with settlements, some little more than two farms side-by-side. Here, the rural folk band together to wish away the dark. Here, peasant militias are the first and only line of defense against the dangers that lurk beneath the eaves of the Reikwald forest. Here, the life of the community is determined by the harvest, or the bounty of fish or game on which it survives. There are no dwarfs working their forges, no foreign visitors, no Colleges of Magic – anyone working magic is most likely a witch, and therefore to be feared. These communities may be so poor, so backward, so out-of-the-way, that no one in the grand cities knows they even exist.

Fauligmere is such a settlement. Situated on the River Bach, on the edge of the Cursed Marshes, Fauligmere is nominally part of the state of Middenland. “Nominally,” in that its lord, Baron von Stauffer, owes his fealty to the Elector Count of Middenland and holds his lands at the Elector’s sufferance, but the von Stauffer’s haven’t paid their taxes in several years. In fact, Fauligmere is so remote and forgotten, that it is nigh-impossible to find two maps that agree on its location.

That Fauligmere even exists is testament to the stubbornness of Middenlanders. Once a healthy, if not prosperous fishing village, Fauligmere’s fortunes have declined so far in the past twenty years that some whisper the town must be under some sort of curse. The fish have vanished, and nothing more than a sickly mollusk or bloated, belly-up trout has been pulled from the Bach in years. Fauligmere has gone from merely backward to downright impoverished, but the people of Fauligmere refuse to leave and cling stubbornly to their way of life.

However, that way of life has been threatened by a mysterious and dangerous figure, hated and reviled by all right-thinking folk of the Empire: a witch. Fauligmere is going to need more than a witch hunter to survive what comes next. Fauligmere will need heroes.

Thanks, Dan! Keep checking back for more on this exciting campaign. Later this winter, can you resist the lure of The Witch’s Song?

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