17 November 2010 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

In Service to Father Nurgle

A Warhammer: Invasion Card of the Week


Beasts of Nurgle are pustulant breeding grounds for all manner of liquefying disease. Chief amongst these ailments is Nurgle’s Rot – Father Nurgle’s greatest gift to the world. Nurgle’s Rot is a rapacious affliction which combines the worst qualities of all the plagues and pestilences that corrupt and slay the living. Nurgle’s Rot is feared all the more because it is rumoured not to end with death. Indeed, legend tells that Nurgle’s Rot is no mere mortal malady, but a daemonic contagion that infests the soul as completely and mercilessly as it does the body. In this way it is believed that the soul of a mortal who perishes from Nurgle’s Rot is forfeit to the Plague God...

Welcome back to another Warhammer: Invasion Card of the Week spotlight! The Fourth Waystone will be on store shelves later this week... and that leaves just one more Battle Pack in The Enemy Cycle: Bleeding Sun. When we announced this final Battle Pack in the series, you saw the powerful Dark Elf support card Soul Stealer. Today, let’s look at an upcoming Chaos unit, the revolting Beast of Rot.

This disgusting fiend grows more powerful and less expensive for every Disease card in play. To review, there are a few Disease cards already in the pool, such as Effulgent Boils and Curse of the Leper. Meanwhile, Necrotic Spasms is also making its debut in Bleeding Sun, and more of Papa Nurgle’s concoctions are on the way in future releases! Beast of Rot, along with the searching ability granted by Grandfather’s Call, brings us one step closer to a viable Disease-based deck becoming a reality.

The Ruinous Powers of Chaos continue to grow in power, while the greenskin menace and the vile Dark Elves beleaguer their foes. Can the forces of Order rally their armies to stand against this growing threat? Who will rise to dominance?

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