Know Your Enemies

A glimpse into The Creature Guide for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


New enemies emerge from the darkest reaches of the Old World...

One of the most fundamental elements of any roleplaying game is the adversary that must be overcome by the players. Sometimes this adversary appears in the form of social challenges, puzzles, or maze-like dungeons that must be navigated. However, more often than not, players are faced with deadly combat against foes that show no mercy. These terrible foes are what make fights memorable, and now Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay GMs will have many more options when choosing enemies to pit against their players.

The Creature Guide, coming to store shelves soon, is the third of the core set Guides, the new hard-cover books containing all the core WFRP rules and information. Previously we looked at the Player’s Guide, containing pertinent player character information, and then the Game Master’s Guide, which holds the necessary GM materials (for an overview of all of these core products, visit the WFRP description page). Within The Creature Guide lies an expanded bestiary and many new concepts that make building encounters easier than ever! With rules on building encounters and utilising the new components found in The Creature Vault, this Guide is an invaluable tool.

Introducing dozens of new enemies and adversaries to your game, The Creature Guide gives GMs many more options for populating their stories, battles, and adventures. This comprehensive bestiary is organised alphabetically by creature category or classification (i.e. Beastmen, Greenskins), and each category contains various types of adversaries and how to use them in your game. You can see a few sample pages by clicking the links below:

A sample of chapter 3, The Bestiary (pdf, 1.5 MB) A sample page from Creature Statistics (pdf, 740 KB)

One of the new concepts in The Creature Guide is the introduction of Group sheets. These can be found in chart form in the back of The Creature Guide and in component form (sheets) in The Creature Vault. These Group sheets are similar to the Nemesis Organisation sheets found in the Game Master’s Toolkit expansion, containing the rules, flavour, and common bond between the creatures within that Group. Want to pit your players against a horde of Greenskins? Simply refer to the Greenskin Group sheet which contains all the rules that will govern your Greenskin war party and you’re ready for battle!

Next week we will look at The Creature Vault and see how these Group sheets - combined with the new Creature cards - can move all of your creature information from book to cards and sheets, giving you a visual way to create and run your encounters.

Also found in The Creature Guide are handy appendices that compile the information from the creature Action cards, group sheets, and Creature cards (which contain all key creature stats) which can be referenced on the fly. Combined with a master index in the back of the book, these appendices are great resources to reference material found on the cards and sheets from The Creature Vault.

Check back next week as we take a look into The Creature Vault to learn more how GMs can now build and run their combat encounters using only the information on the included components!

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