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A glimpse into the Game Master's Vault for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Previously, Sifting Through Shadows (the exciting preview of upcoming titles for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) broke the news of Guides and Vaults, upcoming products that will give WFRP players even more options in exploring the Old World. Guides are hardcover books that contain rules of play. For players wishing to enhance their experience, however, Vaults contain all the additional components that make WFRP such a revolutionary roleplaying system.

Previously we looked at the Player’s Guide and the Player’s Vault, and last week we delved into the Game Master’s Guide. Today we’ll open the doors of the Game Master’s Guide companion product, the Game Master’s Vault, which contains all the tools a GM will need to plan and run their WFRP sessions, consisting all the key Game Master components from the Core Set.

The Game Master’s Vault is packaged in a sturdy box that contains a set of basic action cards, 70 wound cards, 19 miscast cards, 30 condition cards, 30 insanity cards, 24 location cards (duplicates of 12 different locations), and 1 item card. In addition to cards, the Game Master’s Vault also contains full colour punchboard consisting of NPC/creature standups, stress/fatigue tokens, corruption tokens, a stance ring and activation token, 24 tracking tokens, 2 center puzzle fit stance pieces with 6 puzzle fit stance pieces, and 1 pre-assembled progress track that serves as a handy initiative track.

Rounding out the Game Master’s Vault is a valuable set of 12 custom WFRP dice as well as 24 plastic stands for character standups. Also in the Vault is a two-page insert that compiles a list of these components in addition to providing rules for the included materials. Game Masters who want to learn even more ways to incorporate these components in their games will find expanded rules and explanations in the Game Master’s Guide.

Like the Player’s Vault, the Game Master’s Vault is a product with a variety of uses. Veteran GMs can expand their pool of resources while new GMs can begin their stories in the Old World with the Game Master’s Guide and/or Game Master’s Vault.

Coming up next, expand your knowledge of the denizens of the Old World with The Creature Guide & Vault!

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