18 October 2010 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

The Chaos Moon is Rising

Announcing The Morrslieb Cycle, a series of Warhammer: Invasion Battle Packs


The chaos moon has risen high in the night sky, casting a pale green light onto the Old World. Although scholars disagree as to the true meaning of this portent, of one thing they are sure. Dark times lie ahead.

The release of Bleeding Sun will bring The Enemy Cycle to its conclusion... but the war for the fate of the Old World is just beginning.

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the next exciting series of Battle Packs for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, The Morrslieb Cycle! Introducing the enigmatic Wood Elves as an Order-only neutral faction while placing a new emphasis on developments across all factions, The Morrslieb Cycle will bring new levels of strategy to your Warhammer: Invasion deck-building experience.

Also included in every Battle Pack is a short story exploring how each faction reacts to the Chaos Moon, the strange omen hanging in the night sky. Written by Ross Watson and Sam Stewart, these immersive tales will draw you in the intrigue and peril of the Old World.

James Hata, developer for Warhammer: Invasion, took a moment to share his design goals for The Morrslieb Cycle.

Hello Warhammer: Invasion fans!

Today, I am excited to announce the next series of monthly expansion packs for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game - The Morrslieb Cycle.

The first major goal of The Morrslieb Cycle is to encourage players to build developments. This has been touched on in past cards, going as far back as the Core Set (like the Troll Slayers or Shrine to Taal), but The Morrslieb Cycle really takes this basic concept and brings it to another level. There will be several cards in this cycle that will encourage players to consider developing (especially from the hand) as an important strategic decision. If I were to characterize this set in a phrase, it would be that this is the cycle in which “developments matter.”  

The second major goal of the Morrslieb Cycle is to introduce the Wood Elves as a neutral Order-only sub-faction. The Wood Elves will be unique in that they follow two distinct paths for their design, one for the Wood Elves themselves, and another for Forest Spirits that dwell within Wood Elves’ domains. Both the Wood Elves and Forest Spirits have different types of abilities that work independently of each other, but these abilities do work together to present the sub-faction as a cohesive whole. We’ll get into more details about specific strategies as we get closer to the release of the cycle, but I’m sure you’ll be excited to see the results. 

The final goal of the Morrslieb Cycle has far-reaching implications. By the end of this cycle, I believe that the Warhammer: Invasion card pool will have reached a depth at which each race will be able to pursue several distinct, unique, viable strategies with different flavors of rush, combo, and control at their disposal. There are several gems already in the card pool, and it is my sincere hope that the players will continue to have fun and discover even cooler tricks and combos as times goes on.

Thanks James! The Morrslieb Cycle will begin late this winter with the release of its first monthly Battle Pack, Omens of Ruin. Prepare yourself... the rising of the chaos moon foretells ominous events.

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