15 October 2010 | Fantasy Flight Supply

Standing Tall

Plastic Stands from Fantasy Flight Supply are at your local retailer


Plastic Stands, the latest gaming accessory from Fantasy Flight Supply, are now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore!

Made from high quality plastic, these stands are perfect for keeping your cardboard standees and tokens upright and in sight. Supplement and enhance your current game collection, or use them in your own game design projects.

Each pack comes with 10 Plastic Stands, designed to hold cardboard tokens from most board, card, or roleplaying game. Turn your Arkham Horror monster tokens into towering monstrosities by placing them in stands, displaying their art and stats for all players. Need more stands for your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay standees? Look no further.

With countless applications and compatibility with a wide range of games, Fantasy Flight Supply Plastic Stands are a helpful gaming enhancement. Head to your local retailer and grab yours today!

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