Since 1997...
Factions have fought.
Galaxies were shaped.
Empires rose, 
and empires fell.

All in the name of galactic domination!

2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Twilight Imperium. For the entire year of 2022, FFG will celebrate this beloved franchise. Each month will bring something different; read on to see what you have to look forward to, and check back every now and then to see what new things have been added!

 FFG Live Series

Once a month, we will host a special Facebook Live event to celebrate Twilight Imperium in various ways. We will update the schedule below with more details as we approach each date, so stay tuned!

February 25, 2022

Join the game's designer, Dane Beltrami, as he chats about the various ways we're celebrating the anniversary this year. We'll also be trying to stump him with a pile of TI-themed trivia questions. Just how well does he know his own game? Watch here to find out!

March 16, 2022

In Episode 2, we bring Dane back for another chat, this time about six of the core factions of Twilight Imperium: the Universities of Jol-Nar, the Emirates of Hacan, the Barony of Letnev, the Federation of Sol, the Xxcha Kingdom, and the Sadrakk N'orr. 

Dane gives an inside look into these factions and also answers fan-submitted questions! Watch here to find out once and for all how to pronounce Hacan, dive into the lore behind these factions, and more!

April 20, 2022

In Episode 3, we brought Dane back for another chat, this time about the Vuil'raith Cabal, the Yin Brotherhood, and the Ghosts of Creuss. However, this stream had something a little extra: the first official look at Twilight Inscription, the epic roll-and-write designed by James Kniffen, which takes place in the Twilight Imperium universe.

If you missed this episode, you can watch it here!

May 11, 2022

In Episode 4, Josh and Dane continued their coverage of the different factions of Twilight Imperium. This episode focused on the L1Z1X Mindnet, the Nekro Virus, and the Mahact Gene-Sorcerers. They also answered some fan-submitted questions.

You can find the stream here if you missed it in May!

May 18, 2022

Also in May was the long-anticipated release of the Twilight Imperium Codex Vol. III. We held a special livestream to discuss the new things added in this Codex, including the game's 25th faction, the Council Keleres!

Be sure to check the stream out with this link if you haven't seen it yet.

June 28, 2022

In Episode 5, Josh and Dane chatted about the Naaz-Rokha Alliance, the Mentak Coalition, and the Clan of Saar. As with previous episodes, they also answered some fan questions, so be sure to check it out if you haven't done so!

You can find the stream here if you missed it live.

 March Matchups

The winning faction is the Ghosts of Creuss! Congratulations to the Creuss, and thank you all for participating!

 Word Search

Can you navigate a galaxy of letters? Test your mettle against our Twilight Imperium 25th-Anniversary Word Search!

You can also find a PDF version here!

Twilight Inscription



The Lazax Empire has burned to ash, rejected by its subjects. The aftermath was tragedy and petty conflict in equal measure, a time of loss and exhaustion. In the ensuing Dark Years, the factions of the galaxy retreated and recovered their strength. Now, they look upon the stars and see an opportunity—a chance to reclaim what was lost. A chance to redefine galactic civilization. A chance to leave their mark upon the stars.

Welcome to Twilight Inscription! This epic roll-and-write game for one to eight players offers an experience unlike anything FFG has done before. With a limited pool of resources at your disposal, you’ll need to carefully manage Navigation, Expansion, Industry, and Warfare as you amass victory points and earn your right to the throne on Mecatol Rex. Will your faction become the new rulers of the galaxy? Or will your fledgling empire fade into obscurity? Anything can happen in this strategic, infinitely-replayable game!

Check out the upcoming livestream for this exciting new game in the Twilight Imperium universe on July 27th, 2022! We hope to see you there.

 Achievement List

How good are you at Twilight Imperium? Are you up for some new challenges? Test your mettle against the Twilight Imperium 25th Anniversary Achievement List!

How many of those achievements can you complete? Good luck, and have fun!

 Spot the Difference

Can you spot the differences? Test your eye for detail with this fun little visual puzzle!

You can find the Twilight Imperium 25th Anniversary Spot-the-Difference here.


How good are you at deciphering codes? Try to figure out the coded message with a Twilight Imperium 25th Anniversary Cryptogram!

You can find this puzzle here.

And the answer key can be found here!