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Ghosts of Dathomir

Star Wars: Force and Destiny Adventures

The dark side is calling you in Ghosts of Dathomir, an upcoming adventure supplement for the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game. When a mysterious and powerful artifact suddenly surfaces on Toydaria, you embark on a journey into the lawless Outer Rim. Along the way you’ll enter negotiations with a ruthless Hutt kajidic, experience relentless Force visions, and discover some of the darkest secrets of the galaxy.

This 96-page, beautifully illustrated book introduces locations throughout the Star Wars galaxy, a new and mysterious Force power, and many adversaries including Toydarian merchants, ruthless mercenaries, Hutt crime lords, and powerful wielders of the dark side of the Force. Designed to be used with the Force and Destiny roleplaying game, Ghosts of Dathomir can also easily be integrated into an Age of Rebellion™ or Edge of the Empire™ campaign.

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