Rockband Manager

You’ve been to all the shows. You know the music scene like the back of your guitar pick. Now is your chance to show the world you know exactly what it takes to put together a killer band and guide them to the top of the charts.

Find the best rockers, bring them together, and manage their careers in Rockband Manager, a card game for three to six players. Steer your group clear of rival bands’ hijinks (and maybe conduct some of your own) as you collect the most decibels and craft the next rock legends.

Ready, Set, Rock

To begin your journey to stardom, you need to bring together a group of rockers. Every performer has a unique set of characteristics and it’s your job to assemble a group that has just the right mix to succeed. Unfortunately, you only have a limited amount of cash to bring together an epic band, and the other managers are out headhunting for the best too. Don’t blow all your cash on one piece of the puzzle, because you will need an entire ensemble to rock to the top. Your band’s destiny unfolds in the Career Debut and Career Apex phases. In each phase, ten cards representing rock opportunities are revealed. Then managers take turns claiming the cards by using their musicians. This is where managers who collected the most skilled musicians in the Rockstar Recruitment phase reap their rewards. A star with loads of talent can collect better cards, while less talented musicians have fewer cards to choose from.

There are plenty of ways to rise above competition. Cut albums and perform concerts to get ahead of other acts. Hit the road with your band and crank out as many shows as possible, building a legion of fans, or get into the studio and start producing ear candy. Savvy managers will even look out for chances to throw a monkey wrench in their rivals’ plans. It doesn’t matter what route or combination you choose as long as you have collected the most decibels at the end of the game.

Make the Most of Opportunities

Additionally, managers can claim cards that provide bonuses in for their group. Trick out the band with high quality gear to increase your band’s talent level, advertise to sell more albums, and give your rockers a hardcore reputation to motivate them. Find as many advantages as possible, for you aren't just the manager, you're also the promoter. Managers can also exploit other opportunities to hamper their rivals. How does an unexpected tax audit sound? Yeah, that should keep the other managers busy for a bit. Maybe you prefer to slow down your competitors with sabotage or piracy. It’s all part of the rock'n’roll lifestyle. Get thrashing while your opponents are bogged down dealing with your shenanigans.

Hold a Jam Session

Rockband Manager delivers fast and fun rockstar antics. Your friends don’t play card games? Not a problem. In minutes you can go over the rules and be ready to jam. This up-tempo card game allows players to create a rock band and bring it to stardom in less than an hour.

So, if you are ready to rock, grab your groupies and plug in your amps, because it's time to shred. Do you have what it takes to make the next great group? Find out in the Rockband Manager card game.

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30 – 60 minutes

3 – 6 players

Ages 14+




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