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Nexus Ops

It is the year 2315, and greedy corporations search the stars for profit. When a wayward crew of space explorers stumble upon a remote alien moon, they discover rubium, a rare and valuable energy source. Seeking to amass what riches they can, the explorers sell the moon’s location to immoral and competitive galactic corporations. These massive companies soon dispatch strike forces to seize control of the moon and its resources, only to find that the moon is home to fantastically powerful alien creatures. Now, the competing corporate forces have wasted no time conscripting the indigenous life forms to gather resources and fight for them…

Nexus Ops is a board game of fierce sci-fi battles and fantastic alien creatures in which two to four players control factions of corporate troops and strange life forms on an alien moon. Players deploy troops from their home base to explore the landscape, mine resources, purchase troops, win battles, and fulfill missions, all in an attempt to gather enough power to claim the moon for themselves!

Enjoy the Classic Experience, or Build a New One

This new edition of the classic title features detailed plastic figures, fantastic new art, a clarified rulebook, and a host of variants. Fans of the original game will find its tense and aggressive play experience totally unchanged, while newcomers will be drawn in by its exciting science fiction theme and eye-catching components.

As an added bonus, Nexus Ops includes a full set of alternate unit powers! Detailed double-sided unit reference cards conveniently display the classic unit powers on one side and the alternate powers on the other. Simply choose a set of abilities on which all players agree, and explore the distinctive strategic options each army presents. Either way, however, you have the freedom to add a range of optional rules, including King of the Hill mode and the deadly, unpredictable Vortex. With this versatile new edition of Nexus Ops, players can enjoy several unique play experiences, all in one game!

One Resource-Rich Moon, Four Greedy Factions

Unfamiliar with the fast-paced conflict of Nexus Ops? Here is a brief overview of play:

Each game of Nexus Ops is different, thanks to its randomized, modular board. After building a landscape made up of shuffled hexagonal tiles, players each receive a starting pool of rubium, the highly sought-after resource that serves as the game’s central currency. By spending this precious mineral at the start of each turn, players decide which of their six unique creatures they will summon to the board. From the solid dependability of the hard working Human miner to the awesome destructive power of the fearsome Rubium Dragon, each of Nexus Ops’s distinctive species stands ready to serve your faction’s shadowy corporate agenda.

When summoning these fantastic creatures to the play area, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the area immediately surrounding your home base. The randomized board in Nexus Ops features a range of special terrain types, representing the varied climates and landscapes of its strange moon. Furthermore, its six unique creatures each have advantages and disadvantages depending on the hex in which they find themselves. The fiery Lava Leaper can skim across magma that would incinerate lesser species, and the lumbering Fungoid gains added strength when in the comfort of his warm, damp homeland. Indeed, the initial placement of map tiles will largely inform your overall strategy, as you struggle to adapt your army to the moon’s unpredictable environmental conditions.

By efficiently mining the land’s resources (and possibly even laying claim to the resource-rich monolith at the map’s center), you will attempt to raise an army with which to eradicate your rivals. Fast and furious dice-based skirmishes result in a frenzied tug of war, as players struggle to discover and defend the map’s best rubium mines.

Play proceeds until one player has gathered enough firepower to eject his foes from the moon forever, a feat represented by the acquisition of twelve victory points. These all-important points are awarded for successful attacks, as well as the completion of randomly drawn secret objectives. Can you tame this strange world’s wildlife in time to claim its riches?

A World of Possibilities

As mentioned above, Nexus Ops offers near-infinite replayability through its many optional variants. But how do they work?

King of the Hill mode turns the monolith, the board’s highly coveted central hex, into a veritable victory point dispenser. This added incentive ensures that every game is a race toward this battle-scarred location, with players gambling entire armies in make-or-break attacks to wrestle away control. And in Vortex mode, the monolith is replaced with a swirling storm of death, capable of pulling in entire armies and flinging them into new regions! While this instant (if unpredictable) transport can often be helpful, it can just as often be deadly; countless troops have been pulled into the spinning vortex, never to be seen again.

If you’re looking for an even more significant change to your regular Nexus Ops experience, try its variant unit abilities. In this alternate storyline, the moon’s discoverers mistakenly released mutagenic spores into the atmosphere. Although the spores did not affect the terrain, they did cause the life forms to adapt and evolve. By the time the invading forces arrived, the aliens behaved vastly different from those described in initial reports.

Glimmering Shardians protect the moon’s Crystal Spires, employing explosive attacks capable of destroying multiple foes. Meanwhile, horrific winged Monolith Wyrms can traverse the moon in mere minutes, raining death upon unsuspecting enemies! With abilities that differ entirely from those of their standard counterparts, these engaging species offer a whole new way to experience Nexus Ops.

The galaxy’s resources are growing scarce, and the corporation that secures this massive rubium supply will ensure its profitability for years to come. Gather your troops, tame the beasts of this strange moon, and begin the harvest!

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45 – 90 minutes

2 – 4 players

Ages 14+





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