Print on Demand story expansions for Mansions of Madness bring new mysteries to the crypts, churches, and manors of Arkham! These conveniently packaged narratives contain all the cards and reference materials needed to add a full story to your Mansions of Madness experience.

What is Print on Demand?

Originally debuted with our announcement of expansions for Space Hulk – Death Angel: The Card Game, Print on Demand is an exciting new process that allows Fantasy Flight Games to produce professionally finished cards on a made-to-order basis, which opens up new opportunities for expanding existing games.

This process (not to be confused with Print and Play), results in smaller print runs of professionally manufactured products, allowing publishers to provide fans with content that would otherwise not be commercially viable. If you’re a retailer interested in carrying our Print on Demand products, visit our Professional Zone website to learn more.

Note: Due to variations in printing, cards from Print on Demand expansions will be subtly different in appearance and texture from base game cards. For this reason, any necessary base game cards (such as “nothing of interest” Exploration cards) are reprinted in each expansion, to retain a consistent appearance when shuffled.

The Laboratory

Do you fancy there are such things as form or matter? I tell you, I have struck depths that your little brain can't picture! I have seen beyond the bounds of infinity and drawn down daemons from the stars… I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness… Space belongs to me, do you hear?    –H.P. Lovecraft, From Beyond

The Laboratory is a Print on Demand story expansion for Mansions of Madness, and it is now available through our webstore! Co-designed by Richard Launius (Arkham Horror, Elder Sign), The Laboratory is a single-scenario expansion that challenges investigators to shut down a mad scientist's strange device before it tears our reality asunder. Can you withstand the terrors of otherworldly encounters? Can you devise a way to shut down Craig Tillinghast's machine before all is lost?

The Story So Far...

It has been two months now since your good friend Dr. Crawford Tillinghast berated you angrily, called you a fool, and ejected you from his home and laboratory in a fit of fanatical rage. His outburst came as a surprise to you, since he was not a man prone to anger, especially when the cause was your awed and frightened line of query about a strange machine he envisioned during the course of his metaphysical research. The doctor took your questions as criticism, and lashed out in response.

You have not spoken to the doctor since that day. But recently Gregory, Tillinghast's loyal manservant, contacted you about his employer. It seems the doctor has exiled himself to his attic laboratory, forsaking food and human contact. Gregory begged you to make one final attempt to restore your old friend to his senses. Despite the stinging memory of your last encounter with Tillinghast, you agree to pay the man a visit.

After weeks of absence you return to that old, lonely house just off Benevolent Street. Gregory greets you at the door, candle in hand, and relief apparent on his weary and sunken face. "Thank you for coming. The doctor hasn't come down from his laboratory in days, and I fear for him. All the other servants have left, most without even bidding me farewell. I hear him screaming sometimes, up in the attic, even though I do not stray far from the front door these days. Let me accompany you to the lab, and let us hope that Crawford will listen to you this time."

Up through the dark emptiness of the house you follow the bobbing candle in silence, listening to the distant droning of Tillinghast's machine which resonates through the floors, wall and ceiling. As you approach the attic stairs, you feel a sharp tingling in the air and see a dark shape standing at the edge of the candle light. Gregory stops short and holds the candle aloft over his head to grant you both better vision…

Peer beyond the bounds of infinity

This exciting story expansion is available for order now, so head to our webstore to confront the otherworldly terrors of The Laboratory!

The Yellow Sign

“...after stumbling queerly upon the hellish and forbidden book of horrors the two learn, among other hideous things which no sane mortal should know, that this talisman is indeed the nameless Yellow Sign handed down from the accursed cult of Hastur.”       –H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature

Julian Glen, a talented up-and-coming playwright, has penned a work that he claims will be his masterpiece. There’s only one’s turning its audience into mindless fanatics! As some of the few audience members to retain your sanity, you and the other investigators must now work together to find Glen and uncover his true plot.

The Yellow Sign is a Print on Demand story expansion for Mansions of Madness. Based on a design by a collaboration of fans at FFG’s Arkham Nights 2011, The Yellow Sign thrusts players into a house filled with deranged actors. Can you survive until your next curtain call?

The Story So Far...

You wake up with a violent jerk, finding yourself on the floor of the Arkham Playhouse amidst a riotous congregation. Men and women of the theater audience run and howl up and down the aisles while a few members of the Arkham Police Department attempt to maintain order. After a moment of trying to remember why you are here, you manage to get to your feet, assist a couple other surprisingly sane survivors, and make your way to the lobby. There you catch a momentary respite.

“What is this?” you ask, searching for answers from your new companions’ faces. Unfortunately, they look just as confused as you.

Suddenly the doors to the theater burst open and a well-dressed man scurries through, chased by a heavy-set policeman. “He comes!” the mad gentlemen exclaims. “The king comes! Roll out the carpets! He shall rule from Carcosa, and reign in—”

The man’s last words are cut off as the large policeman knocks him to the ground. “You shall rule from a cell tonight, you loon!”

“What is going on?” you ask the officer. He gives you a queer look as he handcuffs the mumbling lunatic under his hefty bulk.

“You all take a nap during the show, did ya?” he asks with a hint of ill humor. “Consider yourself fortunate, else you might have turned rabid like these goons. I’d like to strangle whoever wrote this cursed play!”

At that, one of your new companions produces the show’s playbill. The Court of Carcosa by Julian Glen. The name suddenly jolts your memory. Julian Glen is the new theater professor and playwright visiting Miskatonic. You were hired to investigate his works by a member of The Stagewriter’s Guild accusing Glen of plagiarizing someone else’s work. You quickly set out to search for this playwright’s whereabouts...

The Curtain is Rising

The Yellow Sign is available for order now, so head to our webstore to experience a dramatic story of a night at the theatre gone horribly wrong!

House of Fears

I know always that I am an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still men.      –H.P. Lovecraft, The Outsider

House of Fears is a Print on Demand story expansion for Mansions of Madness! An influential film director is holding a screening of his latest production in the abandoned estate Whale Manor, and you’ve been asked to attend. There’s just one catch: Whale Manor is haunted by the spirits of dead actors, all of whom are cursed to relive the drama of their films again and again.

The Story So Far...

“You’re goin’ to be famous, baby!” Max Bialer blares over the phone. “Monumental Pictures is backing this all the way. Marion Chapel herself directed this flick, and they’ve pulled a bottle off Gene Sonnet long enough to finish principal photography with him in the lead. Margo Sullivan’s put up with him, too...they couldn’t keep her away from the script! And Harvey Ensher’s ran with the part that Karloff couldn’t do.”

You listen to the jabbering idiot through the earpiece, wondering when this self-proclaimed “Agent to the Stars” will stop beating his gums. “Now the whole plot is about you, right? You and those Palooks you run with,” Max presses on. “They built the whole megillah out of those whoppers from the Miskatonic Courier rag in Arkham. They dropped a ton of dough on this flick, bought out a lot of those artifacts from some of those estates that got your name in the papers. They even used photographs of you to model the costumes.“What? No, I ain’t been on the sauce! The movie’s all finished and they’re holding a big premiere at Marion’s place. It’s an estate called Whale Manor. They’re holding a big screening for the studio bosses and stars from Hollywood, and really putting on the feedbag for everyone.

“No, they want the real McCoy, see? You go up there wearing the same getup you had when you did your voodoo ghost trapper bit, put up with their hooey, pick out a flapper, and have a night of it!

“What’s the movie about? Who cares?! It’s called ‘House of Fears,’ but what difference does it make? Don’t be a sap! “Hey, now you’re on the trolley! Do us a favor and walk in at ten for the publicity boys. They want to snap a few pics before they roll the film.

“Be seein’ ya in the pictures, babe!”

The Show is Starting

This exciting story expansion is available for order now, so head to our webstore to order yours!

'Til Death Do Us Part

“In retrospect, the barest idea of a sudden, lone descent into such a doubtful abyss--and at a time when one's whereabouts were unknown to any living soul--seems like the utter apex of insanity. Perhaps it was--yet that night I embarked without hesitancy upon such a descent.”       –H.P. Lovecraft, The Haunter of the Dark

‘Til Death Do Us Part is the third Print on Demand story expansion for Mansions of Madness! Designed by Tom Jolly (Cave Troll, Wiz-War), ‘Til Death Do Us Part tells a story of love, loss, and dark arcane rituals. Enlist the posthumous aid of an unlikely killer’s past victims... or you might just join them for eternity.

The Story So Far...

The place definitely had an aura about it – foggy, dark, and reeking of rotten vegetation. It was amazing that anything but fungus grew around here. But your employer, a biologist, has been hearing rumors about interesting fauna roaming these parts. If you could find such a sample, you know it would be well-rewarded. Over a couple of watered-down pints in a dimly lit and smoke-filled pub just outside of Innsmouth, you’re overheard by one of the locals while talking shop. He comes over to your table.

“Weird specimens you want, eh? Plenty to go on around these parts. In fact, just t’other night, Brady went lookin’ for worms at the old graveyard up on the hill, where Widow Fenstrom’s mansion used to be. That was back before it burnt down. Brady came in with this...thing, and traded it for a beer and single-malt.” The old man waves for the bartender. “Martin! Do you still have Brady’s big find?”

“It’s likely dead by now. You’re lucky I hadn’t tossed it yet.” As Martin produces a small wooden box, he says, “Ah, it’s still squirmin’!”

You lean over the bar to get a close look at the box’s contents. A second later, you wish you hadn’t. Inside you see a small finger with vinelike tentacles wriggling from the severed flesh. It twitches violently. You leap back in horror, upsetting a table and spilling several beers.

“And that’s not even the oddest thing Brady’s brought in here,” Martin says, wrinkling his nose at his little keepsake.

Your thoughts race, wondering if there is some unknown parasite keeping the finger alive. You’re sure such a find would be worth a fortune. “Where can I find this Brady fellow?” you ask.

“Check the graveyard. He’s probably huntin’ for more night crawlers.”

Let your fingers guide you

This engaging story expansion is available for order now, so head to our webstore to experience a story of eternal mourning and otherworldly horrors! 

The Silver Tablet

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents... some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new Dark Age.      –H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu

The Silver Tablet is the second Print on Demand story expansion for Mansions of Madness, and it is now available through our webstore! With half of its never-before-seen cards offering exciting new items and encounters, The Silver Tablet tasks players with solving the horrifying mystery behind an ancient artifact... all while resisting its sinister powers.

The Story So Far...

The man in the tweed jacket looks out of place in the seedy, smoke-filled tavern. A weary smile flickers across his face when he sees you walk in. He gestures for you to sit down. As you pull out a chair, he fumbles with a cigarette, lights it, and breathes deep.

“If anyone asks, this never happened,” he says, looking over his shoulder nervously. “I wasn’t here. We never met. We clear on that?”

Satisfied with your nod of agreement, he leans in close, reeking of whiskey and sweat. “I’m the head of the anthropology department at— ...well, you don’t really need to know. It’s not the biggest university in the state, but it’s big enough that I’ll never work in my field again if word gets out about this. If they realize that—”

He stops and takes another long drag on his cigarette.

“Her name is Ruth Wolcott. Professor Ruth Wolcott. She came with references and experience. How was I to know? Yes, she was beautiful – beautiful enough for them to say that I hired her for her looks. But she had credentials, I tell ya!

“Anyway, she came to me wanting to study the tablet. I gave in, of course. She took it home with her overnight to study in privacy, and I began to grow suspicious. But when I broached the subject, she threatened to go to the dean about our... unprofessional relationship.

“Now she’s gone missing. So’s the tablet. The university doesn’t know, and if I go to the police, they’ll find out about our affair, and I’ll be finished. But I hear you get things done – find things, retrieve things. I need your help. I need you to go to Ruth’s house and get the silver tablet. Discretely, of course. Bring it here in twenty-four hours, and I’ll make it worth your while...”

Seek forbidden knowledge

This exciting story expansion is available for order now, so head to our webstore to explore the terrifying crossroads between science and the supernatural!

Season of the Witch

Then he gave a start. For there was a clearly visible living figure on that desolate island, and a second glance told him it was certainly the strange old woman whose sinister aspect had worked itself so disastrously into his dreams. The tall grass near her was moving, too, as if some other living thing were crawling close to the ground. [...] Distant though the island was, he felt that a monstrous and invincible evil could flow from the sardonic stare of that bent, ancient figure in brown.       –H.P. Lovecraft, Dreams in the Witch House

Season of the Witch is the first Print on Demand story expansion for Mansions of Madness, and it is now available through our webstore! Designed by Richard Launius (Arkham Horror, Elder Sign), Season of the Witch is a single-scenario expansion that sends players on a tense and terrifying race against the clock. Can you solve the mysteries of the Witch House before they consume Arkham forever?

The Story So Far...

The frightened student’s story was typical of the superstitious nature of most Arkham natives. Even the highly educated professors at Miskatonic University seemed to believe the place was cursed, haunted, or worse. The decaying eyesore was built in the late 1600s by Keziah Mason, a woman sentenced to death in Salem for allegedly practicing witchcraft. However, she mysteriously escaped the gallows and was never seen again. Her ancestral estate is now cleverly referred to as the Witch House, and legends circle around its gabled buttresses like flies on a corpse.

If only young Nola Mason’s disappearance was such a legend. Nola Mason – a bright young mathematics student attending Miskatonic University – is one of the many residents of the Witch House. Frank Elwood, another tenant, recently reported Nola had gone missing. Your case started there. Frank informed you that Nola had only moved into the low rent Witch House to explore a theory – she believed that Riemannian equations could bend time and space, opening gates to other places and dimensions, and something about the architecture of the Witch House intrigued her. Frank described how, over time, Nola became obsessed, secluding herself in different rooms to study the intricate angles of the house, and how she would ramble on about how she could finally prove her theory.

But then she started to make other wild claims, like how she spoke to old Keziah at night. She even claimed to see the witch’s rat-like familiar, “Brown Jenkins,” who was the source of many urban legends concerning the Witch House. It was with genuine fear that Frank begged you to find the missing girl before midnight strikes on the convenient occasion of Walpurgis Eve.

Begin your search

This exciting story expansion is available for order now, so head to our webstore to explore the terrifying mysteries of the Witch House!