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The Betrayer's War Expansion

Descent: Legends of the Dark Expansions

The shambling armies of Waiqar the Undying clash with the servants of the Dragonlord Levirax, all while the Uthuk Y’llan horde spreads as if guided by an unseen hand. As Terrinoth threatens to collapse, it falls to our heroes to forge a new future for their homeland. But are they up to the task?

In The Betrayer’s War, the second Act of Descent: Legends of the Dark, one to four players continue the journey of Brynn, Chance, Galaden, Kehli, Syrus, and Vaerix as they struggle to save their kingdom from the evil that threatens its legacy. Each hero gains a new hero card along with a plethora of new abilities, and with new enemies to fight and a new story to tell, The Betrayer’s War is an essential expansion for anyone eager to dive once more into Terrinoth.

Can you withstand the coming Darkness? Or will your legend end in fire and ruin?

Not a standalone expansion. The Descent: Legends of the Dark core game is required to play.

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