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Embrace Your Desires

“Not everyone receives the attention of the Dark Gods. Only those who are demonstrably exceptional are worthy of their notice.”       – Dark Apostle Aurelius of the Word Bearers

The Ruinous Powers care little for their followers, seeing them merely as hapless pawns to be used in their inscrutable plots. On occasion, however, these pathetic masses produce a select few, chosen by the Dark Gods of Chaos for a higher purpose. To these favoured servants, Chaos bestows unimaginable wealth and power. These dark gifts can come in many forms: a blessed mutation, the downfall of one’s enemies, and even an ancient and powerful artefact to which a daemon’s soul is bound...

The magnificent Black Crusade Collector’s Edition is an artefact of rare and perfect beauty, its very existence an affront to the puritanical ideals of the so-called Imperium of Man. Although ownership of such a heretical object means a life of exile and hardship, the rewards far outweigh the costs. This symbol of your devotion to Chaos is a possession well worth selling your soul for.

The instant you see the stunningly detailed design of its breathtaking resin case, you will appreciate it as a work of undeniable craftsmanship. This remarkable outer case displays a stylized Star of Chaos, its eight points dripping with the blood of the unworthy as a horrific daemon emerges from its center. Inside, the special edition Black Crusade Core Rulebook is bound in crimson leather, with copper-gilded edges adorning its high-quality, acid-free pages.

But in addition to its impossible beauty, the Black Crusade Collector’s Edition offers a wealth of forbidden knowledge; it contains sixteen pages of exclusive bonus content, featuring pre-generated characters with unique backstories, statistics, and art. Use these memorable heretics as inspiration for your own characters, or as powerful NPCs in your dark campaigns!

Click the image above for a preview of Black Crusade Collector’s Edition’s exclusive content (pdf, 688 KB)

Hunted Throughout the Galaxy

Held in place in the book's inside front cover, you’ll find a personalized Writ of Execution, proclaiming your heresy to the galaxy and calling for your immediate death in the name of the Corpse-Emperor. Whether you use your own name or invent a fearsome persona, your chosen moniker will be handwritten in expert calligraphy, declaring your villainous intentions throughout the Imperium of Man.

What’s more, Black Crusade Collector’s Edition has been produced in a strictly limited run of 750 copies worldwide, so whether you are a Game Master, a player, or an aficionado of all things heretical in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, you will want to claim this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for yourself.

Ready to proclaim your devotion to the Ruinous Powers? Visit our webstore today to place your pre-order, then display your devotion to Chaos in the first quarter of 2012!

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  2. Make sure that the Black Crusade Collector's Edition is the only product in your cart (other items will be delayed). Click “Secure Checkout.”
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  4. At the "Customer Information" step, verify your billing and shipping information. Click “Continue."
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  7. If you have any other instructions, type them after the Oath Personalization text. Click “Continue.”
  8. At the “Payment” screen, verify your payment information. Click “Continue.”
  9. Print the “Confirmation Screen” for your records.
  10. The order process is now complete.

No offensive or inappropriate names will be printed. This includes names that violate intellectual property. FFG reserves the right to change any name it deems offensive or inappropriate to "Vorxec Calvarius" without customer consent.

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