Star Wars™: Imperial Assault Quarterly Kits

Surge For Prizes

Blast open your doors and direct your local Star Wars™: Imperial Assault players into the action with our official quarterly Tournament Kits!

These bundles of prizes are refreshed and released each calendar quarter to support any types of events the organizing store desires, ranging from tournaments to learn-to-play sessions.

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2017 Quarter 4 Tournament Kit Contents

Designed to support events with as many as 16 players, the 2017 Quarter 4 Tournament Kit for Star Wars™: Imperial Assault heighten the action of your ground-based squad battles with full-bleed, alternate art prize cards.

Two sets of acrylic focus tokens lend additional color and make each unit's moment of clarity all the more satisfying.

• 17 Wookiee Warrior Core Prize Cards – Charge straight into melee with the ferocious Wookiee Warrior depicted on this vibrant alternate art deployment card.

• 3 Agent Blaise Elite Prize Cards – The new art on this alternate art Agent Blaise card dramatically reinforces the fact that the intel he gathers may very well prove the difference between victory and defeat.

• 2 Focus Token Elite Prize Sets (5 each) – When you really need to land a shot for maximum impact, make sure your unit's focused with one of these acrylic tokens!


Each Quarterly Kit includes optional instructions for a concise tournament, which pairs perfectly with its prizes. This official Event Outline makes it easy to communicate event details to potential participants, simply by announcing that an Entanglement tournament is planned. Attendees will play three games against different opponents, and then prizes are awarded to top finishers.

• The Top 16 players receive a Core Prize Card.

• The Top 4 players each have their choice of an Elite Prize Card or Elite Prize Item or Sets, in final rank order.

• One Core and one Elite Prize Card are included for the tournament organizer to keep or award at their discretion.

Check with your local store to see if they are hosting an Entanglement tournament with their kit, or if they have another type of event planned.

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The exclusive items and alternate art cards from each Quarterly Kit are only guaranteed by pre-order, approximately six months before their release. A kit's prizes are previewed shortly before it releases.

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