Runewars The Miniatures Game Quarterly Kits

Wield Master-Crafted Weapons

Arm your local Runewars Miniatures Game players for war with official Challenge Kits!

These bundles of prizes are refreshed and released each calendar quarter to support any types of events the organizing store desires, ranging from tournaments to learn-to-play sessions.

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Quarter 4 Challenge Kit contents:

Designed to support three separate events of four to eight players each, the 2017 Quarter 4 Tournament Kit for the RuneWars Miniatures Game thrusts your epic fantasy battles more fully into the mists and magic of Terrinoth.

Alternate template deployment and objective cards steep you in the conflicts of Terrinoth before your battles even begin, an alternate art hero card ensures your army's greatest warrior is depicted larger-than-life, and ten sets of acrylic boon tokens inspire your units to glory!

• 27 Deployment Core Prize Cards (9 each of 3 different cards) – Where your forces start the battle has a huge bearing on how it ends. Show your opponent you know this battlefield with these alternate template deployment cards.

• 27 Objective Core Prize Cards (9 each of 3 different cards) – With only six rounds to fight, many battles are won by whoever best achieved the goals on these alternate template objective cards.

• 10 Lord Hawthorne Elite Prize Cards – The mighty Lord Hawthorne's inspiring courage and battle prowess are fully on display with this full-bleed hero card.

• 10 Acrylic Boon Token Sets – Use these stunning boon tokens to inspire your troops and shake off any debilitating banes!

Strategic Encounter

Each Quarterly Kit includes three different Encounter Guides, along with optional instructions to use them for a series of three concise tournaments. They pair perfectly with the assortment of prizes in the Challenge Kit. This official Event Outline makes it easy to communicate event details to potential participants, simply by announcing that a Strategic Encounter tournament is planned.

Attendees of a Strategic Encounter tournament will play two games against different opponents. The first game uses a Deployment and Objective card from the tournament pool, while the second game uses a combination from the casual pool. For Encounter Guide #3 in each Challenge Kit, a brand new Deployment and Objective card is used for the second game. All players recieve one of each Deployment and Objective Core Prize Cards that they use during the second game.

Then, three Elite Prize Cards and three Elite Prize Item or Sets are awarded:

• Players vote on which painted army best achieved the Encounter Guide's Painting Criteria. The winner receives an Elite Prize of their choice.

• The undefeated players recieve one Elite Prize of their choice.

• The remaining three or more Elite Prizes are awarded at random, with each player getting one chance at being selected for each achievement they earned: enrolling, winning a round, using a painted army, and inspiring their forces.

Check with your local store to see if they are hosting Strategic Encounter tournaments with their kit, or if they have another type of event planned.

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