2017 Star Wars™: Armada National Championships

Gather your most battle-tested fleet and compete in a STAR WARS™: Armada National Championship in celebration of the worldwide community of players!

  • You don't need to be from a country to play in or win their National Championship. If you earned one, you can redeem a valid bye card from any Regional Championship at this prestigious level of the Championship Series!
  • National Championships are held at the Premier Tournament Tier, used for elite competitions. As new expansions are released leading up to the tournament, be sure to check the Product Legality Policy for events in North America. Outside of North America, please verify product legality with your event's organizer.
  • Most National Championships will host a number of Swiss rounds, followed by a cut to elimination rounds to find the winner. National Championships feature a Custom Tournament Structure, allowing the organizer to determine the number of rounds and other structure details, to best suit the various venues and player communities around the world.

Click here for 2017 Star Wars: Armada National Championship locations, updated as worldwide organizers schedule their events throughout the year!

2017 Star Wars: Armada National Championship Prizes

  • Top 64 – Major Ryhmer will lead your Imperial squadrons in the elimination of your enemies, and his alternate art card depicts him doing just that!
  • Top 16 – These five double-sided contain defense tokens will help to prevent your opponent's critical damage from tearing your ship apart!
  • Top 8 – Flotillas play an important role in many competitive fleets. A set of five plastic spot-glossed extended art cards awaits each player that advances to the Top 8 of a National Championship, featuring the Gozanti-class Assault Carriers and GR-75 Combat Retrofits on either side!
  • Top 4 – Speed into battle or take a slow and strategic approach with a set of five acrylic speed dials for each competitor in the Top 4!
  • Champion – Each National Champion earns an incredible color trophy featuring art from the Core Set to commemorate their victory! In addition, a bye and a free reserved seat awaits them at the next World Championship!

Note: Star Wars: Armada National Championships that occur prior to March 1st each year will award a bye and free reserved seat for that year's World Championship. National Championships taking place on or after March 1st each year will award those prizes for the next year's World Championship. Also, the alternate art cards in this kit are produced via FFG's In-House Manufacturing and may appear slightly different in color and texture from the game's other cards.

Plot Your National Trajectory

Attend a National Championship to win these enticing prizes and show your superior admiral skills! Contact the tournament organizer to discover more details on everything from registration to tournament structure.

Click here for 2017 Star Wars: Armada National Championship locations, updated as worldwide organizers schedule their events throughout the year!

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