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Who: New and experienced X-Wing™ players looking to play casual games

What: The game of X-Wing

Where: Your participating local hobby game store

Why: To spend time with loved ones, meet new friends, learn more about the game, and have fun celebrating your favorite father figure

How: Stop by your local hobby game store with your X-Wing ships on the appointed date

X-Wing is a tactical miniatures game that puts you in the pilot seat of your favorite starfighters in Star Wars™. Now, take your next step into a galaxy far, far away by attending an I am Your Father's Day event at your local hobby game store!

I am Your Father's Day events are being held on June 18th and 19th in North America. These fun gatherings are centered around generations of Star Wars fans, meeting new friends, playing casual X-Wing, and having a good time in a new place. Interested players can bring a squad of ships ready for battle, or start their training by purchasing a Core Set at the store. In addition, many stores will be offering demonstrations of X-Wing if you want to learn to play. You can bring a father figure, other family member, friends, or go alone and meet new people at your friendly local game store who are also fans of X-Wing. Lock on to a participating location near you, engage your ion engines, and fly in for fun games of X-Wing!


Do I Need to Own the Game Already?

While owning an X-Wing original Core Set or The Force Awakens™ Core Set will be beneficial, most retail stores hosting an I am Your Father's Day event will have these items for sale. If you would like to start recruiting pilots or complement your existing squad with new upgrades, these retailers will be able to help steer you in the right direction.

I Want to Learn How to Play!

You are in luck! Many stores will be running demonstrations of the game, and you can learn the basics quickly. Once you know how to play, you can even purchase an additional ship expansion or two to build a squadron and begin playing against other people at this event or future ones!

Where Can I Find an I am Your Father's Day Event?

These events are being run at local hobby game stores worldwide. If you've never been to a game store in your area, you should search for game stores and X-Wing retailers in your town or locale. Make sure to call the store ahead of time to find out if they are hosting an event and what time and date it is!

Is This a Tournament?

No. I am Your Father's Day events are casual events for new and longtime fans to anjoy playing X-Wing in a great local game store. Players can find other people to play with, and even recieve a promotional card just for attending!

How do I Get a Promotional Card?

The promotional cards will be handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis at participating locations. There will be space to enjoy playing X-Wing with other enthusiastic players even if all of the cards have been distributed. While some stores may offer a tournament alongside this event, I am Your Father's Day promotional cards will be handed out to anyone playing X-Wing, regardless of tournament enrollment.

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