2018 Runewars Miniatures Game Regional Championships

As the battles for Terrinoth grow in intensity, the 2018 Runewars Miniatures Game Regioinal Championships are your chance to wage high-stakes battles—full of spirited armies, cunning commanders, and fantastic prizes!

A step above the local competitions provided by the game's Seasonal Kits and Store Championships, the 2018 Runewars Miniatures Game Regional Championships are large, energetic competitions, full of enthusiastic heroes and villains. These tournaments provide you a chance to meet new players from across your region, see the best of what everyone is currently playing, and enjoy the game's tactical play at its finest.

You can find more information about the prizes available at the 2018 Runewars Miniatures Game Regional Championships in the article, "Hungry for More."

For specific event details, please contact the venue.

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Updated: 5/16/2018

United States

Store NameCityStateEvent DateWebsitePhoneEmail
Comic QuestLake ForestCAJuly 28, 2018http://www.comicquest.org/calendar.html949 951 9668[email protected]
GameologyMONTCLAIRCAJune 9, 2018http://gameologyshop.com/calendar/909-626-6926[email protected]
Tabletop Gaming CenterNewingtonCTAugust 25, 2018http://www.tabletop-shop.com(860) 436-2213[email protected]
Family Time GamesIndianapolisINAugust 11, 2018http://www.family-time-games.com/(317) 429-9817[email protected]
Fantasy Flight Games CenterRosevilleMNJuly 21, 2018https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/fantasy-flight-games-center/651-379-3801[email protected]
Atomic EmpireDurhamNCJune 23, 2018https://www.atomicempire.com/Store/Events919-490-7900[email protected]
Ettin Games and HobbiesHumbleTXJuly 28, 2018http://www.ettingames.com/832-644-8802[email protected]
Court of GamersSan AntonioTXJune 16, 2018https://www.facebook.com/CourtOfGamers/210-920-4263[email protected]
Beyond the Dungeon Comics and GamesSpringTXJune 30, 2018https://www.beyondthedungeonllc.com281-205-7309[email protected]
Olympic Cards and ComicsLaceyWAAugust 11, 2018https://www.facebook.com/Gabis-Olympic-Cards-Comics-100681268142/360-459-7721[email protected]
Uncle's Game Downtown SpokaneSpokaneWAJuly 14, 2018https://www.facebook.com/UnclesGamesSpokane/(509) 456-4607[email protected]


Dates and locations coming soon. Check back shortly for updates.


You may also contact your local distributor for more information.

Store Name City Country Event Date Website Phone Email
RIKIS (Rikio Geimai, LP) VILNIUS LT July 28-29, 2018 https://www.facebook.com/pg/Rikis.lt/events 37061597722 [email protected]