2017 Android: Netrunner European Championship

Europe invites all Android: Netrunner competitors from around the globe to compete for prizes and prestige at the 2017 European Championship, hosted at UK Games Expo in Birmingham, UK, June 2nd through 4th!

  • You don't need to be from Europe to play in or win the European Championship; all players are welcome!
  • The European Championship is played at the Premier Tournament Tier, used for elite competitions. It will utilize the same Product Legality Policy as events in North America.
  • Visit the UK Games Expo event page for more information on the Custom Tournament Structure and schedule.

2017 Android: Netrunner European Championship Prizes

  • Participation – Bhagat is hosting a riot in the streets, and you're invited! Revel in true Anarch fashion with his alternate art connection card. In addition, each competitor receives a stunning commemorative 2017 European Championship coin.
  • Top Third – After the dust settles from the Swiss rounds, players who placed among the top third of all competitors will receive a set of five memory unit tokens. One can be used to represent an initial four memory units, and the other four are a useful tracking tool as you add to your slate of programs.
  • Top 32 – The premium three-compartment deckbox (pictured below), bearing the European Championship logo, awaits those who ascend to the top 32 of final standings.
  • Top 16 – A hefty medal will be draped around the neck of each competitor that ascends to the Top 16, bearing an inscription and game logo on its reverse.
  • Finishing Placement – A stunning playmat featuring art from the Terminal Directive Campaign Expansion is awarded to each player who runs their way into the Top 8. Each playmat bears an icon displaying the rank its bearer finished the event with, including Top 8, Top 4, 2nd, and 1st.
  • Top 4 – Each of these players will have the opportunity to build on their incredible performance at the World Championship by earning a free reserved seat next November!
  • Finalist – A plaque commemorates an outstanding accomplishment, and is complimented by a bye at the World Championship in November!
  • Champion – In addition to a radiant trophy, the European Champion wins the chance to inspire the design of a future Android: Netrunner card! A free flight and hotel room for the next World Championship will elevate them to the pinnacle of competition, where they receive a bye in the first round. The champ is even allowed an additional free reserved seat, to bring a friend or companion to compete alongside them at Worlds.

Note: If a Top 4 player already has a free reserved Android: Netrunner World Championship seat, it will pass down to the next highest-ranking player without one. Prizes relating to the World Championship cannot be deferred, and byes and travel awards will not pass down. The alternate art cards in this kit are produced via FFG's In-House Manufacturing and may appear slightly different in color and texture from the game's other cards.

Install a Continental Server

Plan your trip to participate in the very first European Championship! Exclusive prizes and glory await those who rise to this aspirational challenge!

Visit the UK Games Expo website for more information on registration and the event in preparation for June 2nd through 4th.

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