7 March 2024 | Unfathomable

From the Abyss

Announcing a New Expansion for Unfathomable


“I cannot think of the deep sea without shuddering at the nameless things that may at this very moment be crawling and floundering on its slimy bed…” –H.P. Lovecraft

This voyage just got a lot more dangerous.

The creatures that first boarded the SS Atlantica were only the beginning. The horrors of the deep have stirred, and it will take all the humans’ strength to banish them whence they came. But passengers of the ship have awoken to the danger, and new allies have arrived to aid in the struggle for survival. The fate of the Atlantica hangs in the balance.

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce From the Abyss, a brand-new expansion for Unfathomable!

In this expansion, the SS Atlantica and its journey to Boston are submerged in even deeper peril. New, horrifying monsters emerge from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the waters themselves growing violent enough to sweep passengers overboard. New treacheries are here to sabotage the ship, and with the mythos deck doubling in size, fresh dangers will threaten the Atlantica at every turn. Fortunately, the humans aboard the ship have some new tools at their disposal, and with eight new playable characters, new card types, and more of everything that made the original game so great, the struggle for the fate of the SS Atlantica has never been this fierce!

New Horrors

Perhaps the most notable new feature that From the Abyss brings to the table is the addition of “horrors” to the horde of monsters assailing the Atlantica.

The horrors are the Shoggoth, the Drowned Spirit, and the Grasping Tendril. While not invincible like the monarchs, horrors are more dangerous than Deep Ones, and more difficult to defeat. While humans can attack horrors to repel them, they can only be defeated by the effects of the travel track and the ritual track, and each horror poses its own unique threat to the Atlantica.

Of course, the horrors aren’t the only new dangers to the ship. Tons of new mythos cards provide a greater spread of challenges that the humans must overcome if they wish to survive. Most of the new mythos cards have a horror activation icon in the corner, which can advance the new “horror track” and gradually spawn horrors one by one. Some of the mythos cards, such as Tug of War , can even bring a horror into play directly, skipping the usual process of building up to a spawn.

New Crewmembers

With so many new threats to face, the Atlantica will need some new hands on deck to keep itself afloat. Thankfully, From the Abyss also brings eight new playable characters to the scene!

Among the new faces is Antar Al-Fakahany , the sleuth. This skilled detective can gather evidence as different crises are resolved, gradually leading to his grand Revelation in the moment of truth. With his signature Notebook allowing him to reuse skill cards as he goes, Antar is sure to crack the case of what’s happening to the ship—or figure out exactly how to doom it.

Another new character is Ida Lawrence , the ship’s cook. Her “Seasoned” ability allows her to stockpile skill cards after using their action (except for boon cards—we’ll cover those in a moment), and her Feast feat can bring any number of humans into the Galley and out of danger…or into it, depending on if she’s the traitor or not! With the ability to fillet Deep Ones as easily as she does fish thanks to her Fillet Knife , Ida is cooking up something fierce for the voyage ahead.

New Cards

You may have noticed that Ida’s Feast card mentioned “allies” in its ability text. What are allies? They’re a brand-new card type that can aid the humans during a game of Unfathomable!

Whenever one or more passengers is rescued by a player, an ally is spawned in that player’s space. Allies can be used before or after a player in their space performs an action, so long as that player can discard skill cards with a total value equal to or greater than the number on the ally’s card. Allies can have all sorts of beneficial effects such as the Mechanic being able to repair the ship, the Conspiracy Theorist adding skill cards to your hand, and the Gambler allowing you to potentially gain an item card (or lose one). A human player can typically only use one ally per turn, and allies wander around the ship after their abilities are used, so some clever movement and strategic thinking can give you a host of new options on your turn!

Among the new cards added in From the Abyss are a new type of skill card: boons! These cards function similarly to normal skill cards, except that they are always considered supporting skills, which means they always count positively during a skill check. They can also have powerful effects, such as the Providence boon saving your resources or the Revelation boon turning treachery cards into supporting skills. Keep in mind that you can’t draw a boon card unless an ability specifically allows you to, so be sure to make them count!

Finally, From the Abyss also shakes up the very beginning of the game with the introduction of “prelude cards.” These are optional cards that can be used to vary the setup and starting state of the game board, which could have all sorts of interesting effects. “Day” cards like Favorable Conditions benefit the humans, “night” cards like Boarding Party favor hybrids, and “twilight” cards like Valuable Lessons can affect everyone. You can draw as many of each kind of card as you like to adjust the game balance in a way that feels right for your group. Be sure to give them a try to put a whole new spin on your games of Unfathomable!

From the Depths of the Ocean

With new card types, new monsters, and new characters aboard the SS Atlantica, the From the Abyss expansion makes the Unfathomable experience more thrilling than ever! Look forward to shaking up your voyages when From the Abyss arrives in June.

You can pre-order your own copy of From the Abyss (UNF02) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

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