Dark Beast's Bogus Journey

Previewing the Fourth Scenario of the Age of Apocalypse Campaign


The Apocalypse is nigh! As we approach the onset of Marvel Champions: The Card Game’s latest expansion, we want to provide a deeper look at each of the scenarios in the Age of Apocalypse campaign.

Today, we’re showcasing the campaign’s fourth scenario, which features a surprise servant of Apocalypse, Dark Beast!

A Trip Through Time

After the third scenario of the campaign, the titular Apocalypse has been defeated. However, the world is still in a chaotic, violent, and dystopian state. In order to undo the harm caused by Apocalypse and his minions, our heroes discover a time portal installed beneath the former tyrant’s citadel, and they entrust Beast to operate it and hopefully patch up the world.

There’s just one problem: he isn’t their Beast.

The newly-revealed Dark Beast (Age of Apocalypse, 118) is a loyal servant of Apocalypse, and he plans to use the time portal to bring his master back. Thankfully, our heroes are able to disrupt his plan, but now everyone is careening through time and space. It seems that Dark Beast’s Bogus Journey (Age of Apocalypse, 121B) has begun!

At the beginning of each stage of his scenario, Dark Beast puts a new Setting environment into play and mixes its corresponding encounter set into his deck. Each Setting represents a different time and place; for example, The Savage Land (Age of Apocalypse, 127) has you facing off against prehistoric threats, such as a soaring Pterosaur (Age of Apocalypse, 128) or a pack of Velociraptors (Age of Apocalypse, 129) and a Village Under Attack (Age of Apocalypse, 132). After a bit of time-hopping, the heroes may find themselves in Genosha (Age of Apocalypse, 133), where brutal Magistrates (Age of Apocalypse, 134) and Genoshan Mechs (Age of Apocalypse, 136) hunt down Escaped Mutants (Age of Apocalypse, 137) with dangerous vigor. Another time-hop, and suddenly you’re on the Blue Area of the Moon (Age of Apocalypse, 139) where Gladiator (Age of Apocalypse, 140) and his team of Imperial Guard minions engage the heroes in Trial by Combat (Age of Apocalypse, 146).

Naturally, Dark Beast won’t simply sit idly by while you journey through time. As you may have noticed, each Setting environment has a “Special” ability that can be triggered by various effects, and Dark Beast happily triggers that ability every time he attacks. And that’s not all; beyond powering himself up with High-Tech Goggles (Age of Apocalypse, 122) and Genetic Enhancements (Age of Apocalypse, 123), Dark Beast can also beef up minions with Cruel Experiments (Age of Apocalypse, 124), making the threats that pop up on this temporal escapade even nastier. With all these tricks up his sleeve, it’s clear that this is one Evil Genius (Age of Apocalypse, 125) you will have to take seriously!

Time-Travel Shenanigans

With his time portal and evil plotting, Dark Beast hopes to undo all of the heroes’ hard work by bringing Apocalypse back into power. You’ll have to work fast in order to stop this malicious mastermind from plunging the world back into chaos.

With that, we have covered four of the five scenarios from the Age of Apocalypse campaign. Keep your eye out for a look at the campaign’s final scenario in the next couple of weeks!

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