Hunting for Answers

Announcing the Rex Murphy Parallel Investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


Every mystery has an answer. That's what you used to believe, anyway. But you’ve spent enough time in and around Arkham to question everything. Bad luck seems to follow you wherever you go, but you won’t let a little misfortune keep you from finding the truth. Even if it seems like your luck has only gotten worse...

Rex Murphy is back and ready to get to the bottom of any mystery as the latest parallel investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

The Search for Truth

Rex Murphy  (Parallel Investigators, 78) has dealt with his curse for so long that he’s learned to turn his bad luck to his advantage. Parallel Rex bridges the gap between two popular Seeker deck types: decks that want to drop their clues onto their location, and decks that want to fill the chaos bag with curses. Rex’s ability lets you pay for clue-dropping abilities with curse tokens, and vice versa! This creates a versatile approach to paying card costs. With this ability, Rex can play Deep Knowledge (The Innsmouth Conspiracy, 23) to place 1 clue he controls onto his location instead of adding 2 curses to the bag. Or, he can add 2 curses to the chaos bag instead of dropping a clue when playing Bizarre Diagnosis (The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion, 46).

Rex’s deckbuilding options are updated, too, to give him the widest array of cards to try out with this new ability. His access to Seeker cards is reduced to level 0-3, but in exchange he gets Cursed and Gambit cards level 0-4 as well as up to 5 other Rogue cards of level 0. This trades some of the higher-level Seeker tools for cards like Copycat (Winifred Habbamock, 30), Honed Instinct (The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion, 61), and Faustian Bargain (The Innsmouth Conspiracy, 28). Note that his deckbuilding restrictions have also been expanded to include Fortune and Blessed cards (unless those cards are also Cursed).

Rex’s signature event has a new advanced version as well! When you play Search for the Truth (Parallel Investigators, 79), you now get to either draw 1 card for each clue you control or place each clue you control on your location to return a card from your discard pile to your hand. With this card, you can choose to keep your clues and instead add up to 10 curse tokens to the chaos bag! Rex’s signature event may have improved, but keep in mind that to include it, you’ll have to include his advanced weakness (Parallel Investigators, 80) as well!

The Arkham Horror: The Card Game design team is excited to present this parallel version of Rex Murphy and his signature cards, giving you another way to build and play one of the best Seekers around. You can download the Rex Murphy cards (12.9 MB) and rules insert (3.10 MB) and play our favorite unlucky reporter today!

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