FFG Live in June

Announcing the FFG Livestreams for June 2023


It's FFG Live! Join us this month for more awesome livestreams for our current and upcoming games and expansions. Read on for more information on what livestreams you can look forward to this month!

June 7th at 1PM CDT

Gameplay Stream


Join Josh Massey and friends as they show off the gameplay for the exciting cooperative strategy board game releasing at the end of this month. The Earth is in danger, and only a small team of brave heroes can keep evil at bay!

Check out the stream here!

June 21st at 1PM CDT

Arkham Horror Create-a-Card Stream


Join game designers Duke Harrist and Nick Kory as they work with the community to design new Arkham Horror: The Card Game cards live on stream! Set your reminders so you can be involved in the design process when Duke takes the lead on one card and Nick takes the lead on a second, taking fan suggestions and votes along the way

Check out the stream here!

June 28th at 1PM CDT

The Betrayer's War Unboxing Stream


Join game designers Phil Henry, Brooks Flugaur-Leavitt, and Aaron Haltom as they show of the contents of Act 2 of Descent: Legends of the Dark and discuss what sort of things The Betrayer's War has in store.

Check out the stream here!

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