Angel of Life and Death

Announcing the Angel Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game


“I never feel freer than when I’m flying!”

Warren Worthington III, better known as the hero Angel, was a member of the X-Men until the evil Apocalypse transformed him into the Archangel of Death. After a great amount of effort, Angel managed to escape Apocalypse’s influence, but he still struggles to control the powerful—and brutal—Archangel persona within him. Now, he soars into battle alongside the members of X-Force, wielding his power as both Angel and Archangel for the forces of good.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Angel Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

This mighty mutant flies into the fray with this expansion pack, which introduces Angel as a new playable hero alongside his fifteen signature cards and two different hero forms. With a pre-built Protection deck ready for takeoff right away, you’ll be able to shield your allies from harm from  the moment you open the box. With his adaptable nature and plethora of Aerial events, Angel is one hero who can rise to any challenge.

Flying High

As a hero with two different hero forms, Warren Worthingtion III (Angel, 1B) comes with a special pre-folded, “three-sided” identity card. On one side, you have his Angel (Angel, 1A) form, and when you open the card up, you get Archangel (Angel, 1C).

Just like with previous heroes that had three-sided identity cards, each of Warren’s three forms has different strengths, and he can swap between any of them when he changes form on his turn. As Angel, his focus is more on utility, being able to draw an extra card after playing an Aerial event once per phase. When he wants to take a more offensive approach, he can swap to Archangel and deal damage by playing Aerial events instead. His ATK and DEF both increase as Archangel as well, but be warned; Archangel has 0 THW, and on top of that, he also has an acceleration icon, which means the main scheme will accumulate threat faster than before for as long as you wield the power of the Angel of Death!

With both of his hero forms focusing on Aerial events, it should come as no surprise that Angel’s signature kit has lots to pull from. His Adaptive Plumage (Angel, 3) and Aerial Agility (Angel, 4) both change their effects depending on which hero form he’s in, while Natural Flight (Angel, 6) and Razor Dive (Angel, 7) each gain a bonus effect while he’s in a specific form. If you need to switch forms on the fly, utilize Metamorphosis (Angel, 5) to get the specific form you need, and if you need to use an Aerial event multiple times, make sure to pay for it with Avian Anatomy (Angel, 8)! Regardless of which form you take, you can rest assured that Psylocke (Angel, 2) is ready to support Warren through thick and thin.

Outside of his own cards, Angel also comes equipped with a pre-built Protection deck, and just like his signature kit, it largely focuses on Aerial cards! Use The Power of Flight (Angel, 22) to help you pay for Aerial allies like Siryn (Angel, 12) and Warpath (Angel, 13), then have one of them perform an Aerial Intervention (Angel, 14) to save a friend in need from a lethal blow. If you’re feeling confident in your defenses, Taunt (Angel, 16) the villain into attacking you, and use your defense against that attack to power your Containment Strategy (Angel, 19) and the extra cards to help pay for Soaring Hearts (Angel, 21). Once you’ve taken enough hits for the team, Render Medical Aid (Angel, 17) to get everyone patched up and ready for another round!

Soaring Wings

With his utility in his normal form and the ability to tap into Archangel’s offensive power, there is no mistaking that Angel is a strong hero who can bring his own Aerial-focused style to any team. Look forward to picking up the Angel Hero Pack alongside Psylocke when both of them release this September!

You can pre-order your own copy of the Angel Hero Pack (MC42en) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

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