The Blob That Investigated Everything

Announcing a New Investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


In a world of eldritch horrors, heroes can come in all shapes and sizes.

Ever since 8L-08 Smith was just a little, definitely-human boy, he always dreamed of one day visiting Arkham. As a connoisseur of fine cuisine, 8L-08 grew up hearing stories about all the incredible meals Arkham had to offer: hors d’oeuvres that wore shoes, main courses that rolled about on wheels, and even towering desserts that had other food inside them. When 8L-08 arrived in Arkham, however, things weren’t quite how he imagined them. The food there was a little hard to stomach, and it kept attacking 8L-08, almost like it didn’t want to be eaten. Still, a setback like that isn’t enough to stop 8L-08 Smith, and he is determined to sample a little bit of everything.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present 8L-08 Smith, a brand-new, print-and-play investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

As a completely ordinary human, 8L-08 doesn’t have too many extraordinary abilities, but he makes up for that with his incredible stats! With 5 intellect and 5 combat, 8L-08 can handle most investigation and fighting tests with ease, and his whopping 55 health makes him nearly indestructible! His deckbuilding options are also incredibly flexible; as a Neutral investigator, 8L-08 can include any player card in the game in his deck, giving him unparalleled versatility.

Adding to 8L-08’s kit is his signature ally and fellow human, “Best Friend” , who is really good at slipping away from danger. “Best Friend” can take a hefty amount of damage himself, and he doesn’t even take up your ally slot! The best part is, if you can strengthen your bond with him, he will always be a part of you , swapping his health and sanity stats and making him able to absorb an incredible amount of horror. When “Best Friend” is paired with 8L-08, the two of them become absolutely unstoppable!

That said, all this power comes at a price, and sometimes 8L-08 ends up Really, Really Hungry . When that happens, 8L-08 gives into his completely-normal human hunger and devours the entirety of Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Naturally, this means the current scenario ends without any resolution, and it may also mean you have to buy a new core set. This means it will take all of your skills as an Arkham player to complete the scenario before 8L-08’s hunger surfaces, ensuring that every game you play as him is full of thrills!

8L-08 Smith might be a completely normal human, but he is still an incredibly unique investigator! Look forward to trying out 8L-08 Smith when his cards become available for print-and-play on April 1st, 4141.

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