FFG at Gen Con 2022

Check Out the FFG Events at Gen Con 2022


Fantasy Flight Games is heading to Gen Con!

After two long years, our studio will finally be able to see all of you again at Gen Con 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana  . In case you missed previous announcements, here is a list of the things FFG will be doing at the event. We hope to see you there!

Twilight Imperium Tournament

As part of the Twilight Imperium 25th Anniversary celebration, we will be hosting a Twilight Imperium tournament on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Gen Con. Think you’ve got what it takes for galactic dominance? Take on other fans of FFG’s first board game and win some awesome prizes, such as special promo plastic ships, dice, and playmats!

If you haven’t registered for the tournament already, you can do so here!

Twilight Inscription Learn-to-Play

Back in May, we announced Twilight Inscription, an epic roll-and-write that takes place in the Twilight Imperium universe. At Gen Con, fans of Twilight Imperium and fans of roll-and-writes will all be able to take a sneak peek at this upcoming game with the Twilight Inscription Learn-to-Play events! Join game designer James Kniffen and learn to play this awesome game; trust us, it’s bigger and even better than you imagine.

If you want to guarantee a spot for the Twilight Inscription Learn-to-Play, you can sign up for it here! All four days of Gen Con will have multiple opportunities to participate, so sign up for whatever time slot works best for you!

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – The Hunt for the Dreadnaught

It’s tradition to have a standalone The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game scenario at Gen Con, and this year we see the return of The Hunt for the Dreadnaught. This high seas adventure sees multiple teams of heroes working together to overcome the threat of vicious Corsairs. Join designer Jeremy Zwirn and experience this epic multiplayer scenario for yourself. We’ll run this scenario at least once each day of the event, so sign up for a slot if you haven’t already done so!

Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Machinations Through Time

It’s also tradition to have a massive, multiplayer Arkham Horror: The Card Game scenario at Gen Con, and this year is no exception! Join game designer MJ Newman for a round of Machinations Through Time, a time-traveling adventure where you and your fellow investigators try to stop a dark force from altering history. This scenario will be run multiple times throughout all four days of the event, so be sure to stop by and see the horrors unfold!

Marvel Champions: The Card Game – Mutant Genesis Preview

The X-Men are coming to Marvel Champions: The Card Game! Fans of the game can enjoy a sneak peek at the upcoming campaign expansion, Mutant Genesis, which will be held multiple times a day on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Gen Con. Join game designer Caleb Grace as you take on Sabretooth and see if you can beat the first scenario of the Mutant Genesis campaign. You can bring your own deck or try out one of the new heroes, Shadowcat and Colossus!

Game Demos

Outside of the event space, FFG will also be holding several free demos of games and expansions that released within the last year. Come try out Cosmic Encounter: Comic Odyssey, Descent: Legends of the Dark, Star Wars: Outer Rim - Unfinished Business, and more!

In-Flight Shorts

Even if you can’t make it to Gen Con this year, be sure to tune in to our YouTube channel for several In-Flight Shorts throughout the event. These short-and-sweet, daily livestreams will show off bits and pieces of upcoming products, chats with developers, and special announcements!

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