Hamming it Up

Announcing the Spider-Ham Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game


“You ever feel as if someone else is in control, like you’re just a character in a game?”

Greetings, citizens! You’ve met high-flying heroes, super-genius scientists, and cosmic sorcerers. You’ve seen awe-inspiring Avengers, grandstanding Guardians, and wondrous Web-Warriors. Now, it’s time for the porcine powerhouse, the spectacular super-pig, the wacky web-slinger, the one and only…Spider-Ham!

That’s right, folks! The fancy fun-lovers at Fantasy Flight Games are here today to show off the Spider-Ham Hero Pack, the latest (and perhaps greatest?) expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

This cartoon wonder WHAMs his way into battle in this excellent expansion pack, which showcases Spider-Ham as a pristine playable hero alongside his fifteen scintillating signature cards. This pig comes with a pre-built Justice deck ready to play from the opening credits, which means you can face down foes with Spider-Ham’s colorful cartoon abilities from the moment you open the box. With a staggering stockpile of terrific toon counters at his disposal, you won’t want to underestimate this great and goofy hero!

Oh, and we should mention that this hero pack also comes with a bonus modular encounter set featuring the iconic, terrifying enemies of all Spider-People, the Inheritors!


Originating from an alternate universe of anthropomorphic animals, Peter Porker (Spider-Ham, 1B) takes full advantage of his cartoon origins by using his unique “toon counters” in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways.

Building up toon counters is easy—since cartoon characters can take quite the beating, Spider-Ham (Spider-Ham, 1A) uses his Spider-Nonsense to gain a toon counter whenever he takes damage. The best part? That damage can come from any source! Did the villain attack you? Toon counter! Did you attack a minion with retaliate? Toon counter, please! Did you stub your toe while standing up to grab a snack? Well…that’s technically outside of the game state, but sure. Grab a toon counter for your troubles—we won’t stop you!*

*DISCLAIMER: This is a joke. Fantasy Flight Games does not condone toe-stubbing (or any other out-of-game ouchie) for the sake of acquiring in-game resources, intentionally or otherwise. Spider-Ham is a cartoon character; you are not. Please try not to hurt yourself while playing Marvel Champions: The Card Game, no matter how much fun you are having.

Anyways, each toon counter can be spent as a “wild” resource right off the bat, but they can also be used to power spectacular Spider-Ham cards like Ham It Up (Spider-Ham, 3), Hogwashed (Spider-Ham, 4), and "I Don't Think So!" (Spider-Ham, 5). Thwart some schemes with Organic Webbing (Spider-Ham, 11) and bonk the villains on the head with a Huge Wooden Hammer (Spider-Ham, 10). If your toon counters start to run low, call on Captain Americat (Spider-Ham, 2) to lend you a paw, or just provoke the villain with Petulant Pig (Spider-Ham, 6). Don’t worry if your health starts to get low—you’ve got Cartoon Physics (Spider-Ham, 9). You’ll be fine.

Of course, the wacky wonders of Spider-Ham’s cards only make up part of his pre-built deck, and thus the hammy hero swings in with a slew of stellar Justice cards. With fellow Web-Warriors Lady Spider (Spider-Ham, 12) and Spider-Man (Spider-Ham, 13) in the wings, you already have ways to remove threat from multiple schemes at once. Combine Spider-Ham’s Organic Webbing with Overwatch (Spider-Ham, 19), and you can build some serious threat-removing momentum. Then, once the villain’s side schemes are close to defeat, take the chance to Even the Odds (Spider-Ham, 14) and go ham on the villain itself!

A Feast of Fear

Taking a bit of a tone shift from the rest of the Spider-Ham Hero Pack, you’ll find a bonus modular encounter set tucked in the back of the pack. This set features the insidious Inheritors, a fearsome family hell-bent on hunting all the Spider-Totems in the multiverse. While each Inheritor is plenty dangerous alone, the really scary part comes from their cruel cooperation. Bora (Spider-Ham, 31) and Brix (Spider-Ham, 32) beef up the villain’s schemes, while Daemos (Spider-Ham, 33) and Jennix (Spider-Ham, 34) make their fellow Inheritors impossible to ignore. Not to mention, while he may not be father-of-the-year material, there’s no denying that their leader, Solus (Spider-Ham, 37), can soup up all the Inheritors to truly villainous heights!

Spider or Pig

It’s time to whack, smack, and boink the villains with the zaniest Hero Pack to date! You can look forward to Spider-Ham swinging into your games (and hearts) when the Spider-Ham Hero Pack arrives this summer!

You can pre-order your own copy of the Spider-Ham Hero Pack (MC30en) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today! And why wouldn’t you? He’s awesome.

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