Evil Reawakened

Announcing the New, Repackaged Angmar Awakened Cycle


“What roads would any dare to tread, what safety would there be in quiet lands, or in the homes of simple men at night, if the Dúnedain were asleep, or were all gone into the grave?” – Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

The western lands of Eriador have long remained peaceful under the vigilance of the Rangers of the North. Yet no grave can contain the evil forces of Angmar which lurk in wild and ancient places, stretching the valorous Dúnedain rangers far and thin in their duty to protect the land. With the awakening of this evil, it is up to a group of brave heroes to face the dire force head-on and protect Middle-earth from its shadow.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Angmar Awakened, a pair of repackaged expansions for
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game!

Return to one of the earlier cycles of content for The Lord of the Rings LCG with the Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion and Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion. These two products combine all of the content from The Lost Realm and the corresponding Angmar Awakened cycle. All of the player cards from those expansions can be found in the Hero Expansion while all the scenario-related cards can be found in the Campaign Expansion, along with some new campaign cards that weren’t part of the original release. This is the perfect opportunity for new fans of the game to experience this cycle of content, and for longtime fans to catch up on any parts they may have missed. Whether you want just one of the expansions or both, no fan of the game will want to miss Angmar Awakened!

Note: For longtime fans of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game who already own everything from The Lost Realm and the original Angmar Awakened cycle, only the campaign cards in the Campaign Expansion will be new content in these products. As with the Revised Core Set and The Dark of Mirkwood, these campaign cards will be made freely available on our website as print-and-play content upon the Campaign Expansion’s release.

Rangers of the North

“Lonely men are we, Rangers of the wild, hunters – but hunters ever of the servants of the Enemy.” – Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

To face the shadow of Angmar and stand strong against the tide of evils, the Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion comes with a plethora of player cards to expand your deckbuilding options, including two heroes for each of the four spheres.

This expansion features a wide range of heroes from across Middle-earth, from Dúnedain warriors such as Aragorn (Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion, 3) and Halbarad (Angmar Awakened HE, 2) to powerful Elves like Arwen Undómiel (Angmar Awakened HE, 5) and Erestor (Angmar Awakened HE, 7). Among the other cards included in this expansion, you’ll find a multitude of allies, attachments, and events themed around the Dúnedain, such as Guardian of Arnor (Angmar Awakened HE, 10), Star Brooch (Angmar Awakened HE, 47), and Expert Trackers (Angmar Awakened HE, 63). You’ll also find some cards with new mechanics that were not present in the Revised Core Set.

For example, the ally Ranger of the North (Angmar Awakened HE, 22) has the “Encounter” keyword and has the same card back as the encounter deck. Player cards like this are not included in player decks—instead, while setting up a scenario, these cards are set off to the side until the moment a card like Ranger Summons (Angmar Awakened HE, 21) shuffles them into the encounter deck. The possibility of an ally being revealed from the encounter deck in place of something much, much worse is almost too good to pass up, and it perfectly represents how the Dúnedain brave the dangers of the wilds to protect the people of Middle-earth from evil.

Another unique mechanic that Angmar Awakened brings to the table are side quest cards. These special cards are played during the planning phase like most non-event cards, and players can (as a group) choose whether to put progress on it instead of the main quest during the quest phase. Completing these side quests can earn the party all sorts of rewards; for example, Double Back (Angmar Awakened HE, 53) will reduce each player’s threat by 5, which could save someone from being eliminated during dire circumstances.

The Dread Realm

“‘Strider’ am I to one fat man who lives within a day’s march of foes that would freeze his heart, or lay his little town in ruin, if he were not guarded ceaselessly.” – Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

Even if you have no interest in the heroes, allies, or other player cards of the Hero Expansion, you can still look forward to a thrilling campaign in the Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion!

This campaign takes all of the scenarios from The Lost Realm and the original Angmar Awakened cycle of Adventure Packs and strings them together to form a compelling tale. What begins as a simple task of aiding the Dúnedain in an Orc-hunting mission gradually evolves into a greater—and more sinister—plot. You and your fellow heroes will find yourselves facing down war parties of Orcs, ghastly Wraiths, imprisonment by Goblins, and backstabbing traitors, culminating in a showdown within the capital of Angmar itself.

In addition to a gripping story, the Campaign Expansion also includes some gameplay mechanics that help the scenarios stand apart from those of the Revised Core Set. For example, in several scenarios you may find yourselves traveling with the Dúnedain allies Iârion (Angmar Awakened CE, 1) or Amarthiúl (Angmar Awakened CE, 2). While handy to have around, you must also keep them healthy, because if either of them is defeated, you lose the game!

Similar to the Hero Expansion, the Campaign Expansion also includes some side quests that can get shuffled into the encounter deck. Unlike player card side quests, however, these side quests will require a bit more of your attention to overcome, and they can cause some serious headache if you don’t deal with them quickly. For example, Search the Ruins (Angmar Awakened CE, 19) will continuously raise everyone’s threat until it is dealt with. While you do receive a small amount of threat reduction as a reward for defeating it, taking too long to do so will make the cost outweigh the benefit. Decide what to prioritize and think on your feet, and you just might make it through this tale in one piece!

Finally, the Campaign Expansion comes packaged with a spread of new cards to support campaign play. Do well during the campaign, and you can earn useful boons such as Hardy (Angmar Awakened CE, 162) and Determination (Angmar Awakened CE, 172), but you must remain ever vigilant, as deadly burdens like Arnor Ravaged (Angmar Awakened CE, 158b) and Losing Time (Angmar Awakened CE, 183) will plague you at every step. As we mentioned before, these new campaign cards will be added to our website as free print-and-play content once the Campaign Expansion releases, so you can enjoy the campaign mode even if you already own the original Angmar Awakened cycle.

A Rising Threat

With treachery afoot and the forces of Angmar on the move, only you and your fellow heroes can aid the Dúnedain in keeping the darkness at bay. Whether you missed the original version of the Angmar Awakened cycle or are just now getting into The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, you can look forward to adding the Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion and the Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion to your collection when both products release this summer!

You can pre-order your own copy of Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion (MEC107) and Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion (MEC108) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

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