Descentember 2022

Presenting a Month of Descent: Legends of the Dark


It’s time for Descentember 2022! This month, we’ll be celebrating Descent: Legends of the Dark and other games in the Terrinoth Legends universe as our way of heading into the new year. Read on to see how you can join us in celebrating this legendary game series!

12 Days of Giveaways 2022

Just like we did last year, we will be hosting our annual 12 Days of Giveaways this month, and on the first day (today, December 1st), we will be giving away a copy of Descent: Legends of the Dark! Be sure to head over to our social channels to see what you need to do for a chance to win a free copy of this monster of a game.

Descent Gameplay with Good Time Society Featuring Becca Scott

In mid-December, check out Good Time Society’s YouTube channel for a special gameplay video of Descent: Legends of the Dark. In this video, game designer Kara Centell-Dunk plays through one of the game’s scenarios with Good Time Society’s very own Becca Scott and friends! Stay tuned to our social channels when this video goes live.

Legacy of Dragonholt 5-Year Anniversary Livestream

In November of 2017, Legacy of Dragonholt—a unique, story-driven game set in the Terrinoth Legends universe—hit store shelves. This game has always been a hidden gem within FFG’s catalogue, and this month we’d like to celebrate its 5-year anniversary with a livestream on December 7th! Join Josh Massey, Phil Henry, and Brooks Flugaur-Leavitt as they create characters live and talk about the history of this great game.

Descent Accolades + Act II on the Horizon

You may have heard the whispers; the second act of Descent: Legends of the Dark is on its way! Act II will arrive in 2023, so now is the perfect time to jump into this epic dungeon-crawling experience.

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