29 September 2021 | Descent: Legends of the Dark

Before the Legend

Take a Look At These Short Stories for Descent: Legends of the Dark


Even before they faced the darkness imperiling the Barony of Forthyn, the six playable characters of Descent: Legends of the Dark heard the call to become heroes. However, answering that call has not been without its own perils.  

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to present six exciting short stories that tell the beginning of these heroes’ legends before their appearance in Act I: “Blood and Flame.” These tales were written by Robbie MacNiven, author of two novels also set in the epic fantasy world of Terrinoth, The Doom of Fallowhearth and The Gates of Thelgrim

All six tales are available to read and download now in PDF format. Read on for a preview of each hero!

Chance, the Hyrrinx Rogue

As has happened to many of his kind, Chance was exiled from his community of Hyrrinx catfolk when they ran out of enough food to feed the entire group. Forced to survive on his own, he resorted to life of crime at a young age, initially working for a street crew in the Free City of Frostgate. His skill was quickly recognized by those above him, and he was moved to work directly under and for the Outlaw Prince. Read the story of one of Chance’s heists gone wrong in this short fiction (2 MB)!

Kehli, the Dwarf Artificer

Kehli Deepfire has always wanted to become a great hero like those in her father’s tales. As someone brilliant enough to attain the title of “master” in both the Forge Smith's Guild and the Dunwarr Alchemist's League, surely Kehli is destined to someday star in her own stories of high adventure and epic feats. But being an adventurer isn’t easy, and not everyone appreciates Kehli’s knowledge and skills. Read this short story (2 MB) of Kehli’s endeavors to join a party of adventurers embarking to the ruins of Sudanya and prove her worth as a hero in the making.

Syrus, the Human Prodigy 

During his first year studying rune magic at the legendary University of Greyhaven, Syrus Indahlu was a middling student except in his one-on-one sessions on elemental channeling. When Professor Greysdon requests Syrus’s help in healing an ailing phoenix, Syrus finds himself in peril and is forced to make a snap decision. His life—and that of the phoenix, Indris—will never be the same. Read the story of how Syrus and Indris forged an inseparable bond in this short fiction (2 MB)

Vaerix, the Dragon-Hybrid Outcast 

Vaerix was once a respected teacher and leader among the dragon hybrids who serve Dragonlord Levirax. However, when they began to tell others of their dreams, they were brutally beaten, mutilated, and cast out. Since then, Vaerix has played the part of the wandering prophet and adventurer, trying their best to forget the pain and humiliation of their exile...and the plight of the dragon hybrids they left behind. Read this short story (2 MB) to discover Vaerix’s history, and their dreams of doom. 

Galaden, the Elf Huntsman 

The Barony of Kell, long known as the Shield of Daqan, could not withstand the onslaught of the demon-tainted Uthuk Y’llan hordes. After the barony fell and the Uthuk were scattered, many heroes and warriors took up the call to hunt and defeat the warbands that still menaced eastern Terrinoth. But for the wandering elf huntsman Galaden, the fight against the Uthuk and their demonic overlords is much more personal. Learn why Galaden is so adept at fighting the Uthuk Y’llan and what pain and sorrow he carries with him in this short story (2 MB)

Brynn, the Human Avenger 

Brynn wasn’t always next in line to inherit the title of Baroness of Forthyn. Growing up, Brynn heard tales of her mother’s daring adventures and learned from her father’s sense of duty. She decided to forge her own path by training to become a Marshal of the Citadel, a wandering judge and defender of justice—and of the common people. But when tragedy and betrayal strikes, Brynn’s training is cut short, and she is called to shoulder new responsibilities. Read this short story (2 MB) to find out what happened to the Marshals and what made Brynn an avenger.

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