The Villains of Descent: Legends of the Dark

The Fourth Darkness Is Upon Us


Terrinoth, the Land of Steel, has thrice come close to total destruction at the hands of its ancient enemies. The ravening hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan, the undead legions of Waiqar the Betrayer, and the fearsome might of the Dragonlords were stopped only thanks to brave heroes rising to safeguard the realm. Scholars refer to these three eras of strife and chaos as the three Darknesses, and fear the coming of the Fourth Darkness. That time has now come, as all three of Terrinoth’s ancient enemies rise once more. It will fall to six heroes and their allies to protect the Barony of Forthyn from the shadow of the next Darkness in Descent: Legends of the Dark.

The Locust Horde

Llovar Rutonu was a Dream Walker of immense power who had been born with a gift for magic and a connection to the forces of that cursed, demonic realm known as the Ynfernael. To conquer the world of Mennara for his demonic patrons, he raised a great war host of his people—the Uthuk Y’llan—as well as demons, orcs, dragons, and any others who would fight alongside him. The era when he and his forces attacked is known as the First Darkness, the conflict that nearly destroyed all civilization. Only the combined strength of the free people under the leadership of the legendary wizard Timmorran and the great general Waiqar Sumarion prevented the Uthuk victory as the horde were pushed back to the Ru Darklands.

Touched by the demonic darkness of the Ru and frothing with murderous frenzy, Uthuk berserkers have forsaken drill and formation as well as armor and shield, scorning anything that might slow their headlong charge into the fray. Bloodwitches can read the future by gazing into the crimson torrent of a fresh-made wound. With a gesture, they can spark a person’s heart aflame, setting their blood to boiling.

Waiqar the Undying’s Host 

Scant decades after Terrinoth averted destruction at the hands of Llovar and his demonic horde, the realm was again fighting a war for its very survival. Once a mighty general in the war against Llovar and his horde, Waiqar became jealous and mistrustful of his ally Timmorran, succumbing to the allure of necromancy and dark magics. The Second Darkness began as he and his death knights pursued the Stars of Timmorran, the shattered but still-powerful remains of the powerful magical artifact known as the Orb of the Sky. For six years, Waiqar’s undead warriors scourged the lands of Terrinoth, until at last Kellos, the holy champion now worshipped as a god made flesh, united the peoples of Terrinoth and drove Waiqar back to his mist-shrouded domain, in the Thirteenth Barony. 

Untold numbers of ghosts and spirits have fallen under the sway of Waiqar, and he holds many specters in his death-cold grip. These echoes of the living haunt the forbidding corners of Terrinoth and beckon others to their doom. The bodies of the dead may prove as deadly as their spirits, rising from their graves full of hatred for the living. These undead wights retain much of the martial expertise they wielded in life and do not tire as a normal warrior would, making them fearsome opponents on the field.

The Dragonlords’ Legions

Nearly five hundred years after the defeat of Waiqar, the dragonlords fell upon Terrinoth in a great storm of talons and flame, driven with a hunger for the near-infinite magic of the Stars of Timmorran. The dragons burned cities and slew scores of great heroes who fought against them valiantly and desperately. The world of Mennara itself roiled under the baleful, consuming heat of the terrible invaders, and the Elder Kings were slain and their kingdoms destroyed. Many of the peoples of Terrinoth banded together to resist the dragons, but the war ended as suddenly as it had begun, with the dragons returning to their distant homeland laden with plundered magical treasures.

Now, dragon hybrid harbingers fly on swift wings to announce the return of the dragonlords, using spear and shield to subjugate the free peoples of Terrinoth. Created by the secret magic of the dragonlords, these hybrids incorporate attributes of their dragon progenitors into a humanoid form, the ideal footsoldiers in the dragon army. Their ranks are bolstered by dragon hybrid centurions, hybrids blessed with power enough to rival any dragon. These centurions lead the vanguard of the dragonlords’ forces, terrifying any who stand up to their might.

A New Darkness Descends

Shadows grow long on the ground, and the chill in the air foretells that something is coming. The Ru Darklands stir anew as demonic warbands descend to spread chaos and destruction once more. Each day another village is swallowed up by the northern mists, and long, distant screams can be heard drifting across the hills. And on the distant horizon, the sky is dark with ancient dragons borne aloft on powerful wings. As ancient threats loom over civilization once again, it falls to a new generation of heroes to save the realms of Terrinoth. Will you answer the call?

Now that you’ve been introduced to some of the deadly foes you’ll encounter in Descent: Legends of the Dark, get ready to forge your own legend in this co-op dungeon-delving adventure. Preorder your copy today! Descent: Legends of the Dark releases worldwide August 2021. To learn more about this game of epic proportions, click here.

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