Unyielding Persistence

Announcing the Nebula Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game


“The Guardians were wise to fear me, and even smarter to hire me on.” – Nebula

Created by Thanos to be the perfect killing machine, Nebula broke free from her tyrannical father to become a feared space-pirate. But when the Mad Titan threatened all life in the universe, she joined forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop him. Though she may have a checkered past, Nebula is ready to prove that she can be a hero too.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Nebula Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

As a sometimes-friend, sometimes-enemy of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Nebula blitzes into action in this expansion pack, which introduces her as a brand-new playable hero, along with her fifteen signature cards. With a pre-built Justice deck ready to go, you’ll be ready to try out Nebula’s technical gameplay from the moment you open the box. With a versatile range of abilities and the potential for some powerful combos, Nebula is a dangerous hero that should never be underestimated!

Deadly Technique

Thanos built Nebula to be a lethal fighting machine. Because of this, she has amassed a plethora of effective (and deadly) combat techniques, which are reflected in her unique special Technique upgrades! Nebula’s whole playstyle revolves around the proper management and usage of these powerful upgrades, allowing her to perform some devastating burst turns with the proper setup.

To help you set up, use Nebula's (Nebula, 1B) Cybernetic Upgrades to build up your arsenal of Techniques. Each one grants a different passive ability while Nebula is in hero form, such as Evasive Maneuvering (Nebula, 5) allowing her to bypass enemy defenses and Unyielding Persistence (Nebula, 6) powering her up into an unstoppable force (remember that “stalwart” prevents her from being stunned or confused). Combine that with Wide Stance (Nebula, 8), and you can safely face your enemies during the villain phase, then unload on the villain with Nebula’s hero form (Nebula, 1A) ability, Combat Protocols.

While you will lose your Technique upgrades if you resolve their Special abilities with Combat Protocols, Nebula also comes with ways to trigger them outside of that ability. With Combat Ready (Nebula, 9), you can trigger a Special ability immediately upon playing a Technique, then you can utilize your Lethal Intent (Nebula, 10) to trigger all of your TechniquesSpecial abilities at once, and then do so again at the start of your next turn!

In order to optimize her Technique combos, Nebula will likely want to switch back to alter-ego form fairly often. Thankfully, her pre-built deck has plenty of cards to help keep the enemy’s schemes in check. Allies like Eros (Nebula, 11) can confuse minions while Venom (Nebula, 13) can take advantage of his high stats to steamroll enemies while there is no threat on the main scheme. Meanwhile, cards like Justice Served (Nebula, 14) and Brains Over Brawn (Nebula, 18) can help you get the most out of each of your turns, allowing you to thwart when necessary without losing momentum.

Lethal Sisters

Similar to the Gamora hero pack, Nebula comes with her sister (Nebula, 2) as her signature ally. Gamora allows Nebula to get some extra usage out of her Technique upgrades, and with her (or the Gamora hero) in play, you can use the team-up event Daughters of Thanos (Nebula, 22) to give yourself a boost of cards to your hand.

However, just like before, this alliance can get a bit strained. These two sisters often struggle to get along, and so Gamora will sometimes appear as Nebula’s nemesis (Nebula, 28) as well. Don’t take anything for granted, and you’ll prevail even in the face of this sibling rivalry.

Cutthroat Ambition

Nebula’s technical prowess and amazing combos make her a valuable addition to any team of heroes. With the release of The Mad Titan’s Shadow, you will want as many powerful heroes as possible to take down Thanos, and who better to do so than his daughter, Nebula!

You can pre-order your own copy of the Nebula Hero Pack (MC22en) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

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